SCAD v. something else & Myocardial Bridge

Posted by albreaux @albreaux, May 17, 2021

My cardiologist believes I had a Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection and I do also have a Myocardial Bridge. I am seeing a SCAD specialist at Mayo next month and believe I will get a lot of helpful information at that appointment but being a young 34 year old, previously healthy and active woman it's hard having so many days a month where I cannot be active or simple things causing such fatigue that I cannot tolerate or chest pain that I cannot tolerate. I'm still on dual thinners because I am just now a year out from a stent in my proximal LAD and also take a calcium channel blocker and a beta blocker. I'm a part of about every Facebook group on the topic and enjoy seeing others stories and am curious what others have done and are doing for control of symptoms or what they have found that has gotten them close to normalcy and is there anyone that has symptoms that don't even interfere with their days/weeks/months for the most part anymore? I've been hesitant to try Imdur since I have the Myocardial bridge and it's a nitrate but will probably be starting Ranexa this week to see if it is helpful. Thinking of others in similar situations of the entire spectrum.

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Hi @albreaux and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Being so young and having heart problems is not only tough on your body, but on your psyche as well. The fatigue can be overwhelming.
I want to connect you with some people that have similar issues like @ch665296f, @raweber, @boniface48, and @vorhis66
I also want to share a previous discussion that was started by a member regarding SCAD.


@albreaux, I know you mentioned being previously healthy. How long have you known about your heart problems?


I started having symptoms 12/19. My diagnosis and stent happened in 5/20. Thank you for your response!

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