Premarin for older women

Posted by pattitoo @pattitoo, Mar 19, 2017

At 74, yes 74 I still have hot flashes, Premarin now taken occasionally, Ia m trying to wean myself off of this med, however
it works. Medicare does not approved of it and my co-pay using my insurance is $1,000 a year, each 90 day supply is $250.
My drug plan is separate from my Blue Cross Plan F. For now I am getting Premarin from a RELIABLE Canadian Pharmacy,
saving me considerable money.
My question is, how many seniors still have hot flashes and take a hormone?
Because of controversy of hormone meds and older ladies, I have drastically reduced my intake.
Anyone else having hot flashes and needing/wanting help?
You input will be of value to others I am sure.

After taking Premarin for 49 1/2 years at age 79 1/2 years old my doctor wanted me to quit premarin gradually. I take 1/2 .3 pill every other day. I am miserable with hot flashes, sleepless night and mood swings from hell. I was told that I was too old for hot flashes. Since I am entering my third year of IPF and requiring more and more oxygen and if I go above 3000 ft elevation have to have oxygen full-time, I wonder why they think it is necessary to take me off my little green pill? Yes pattitoo I would like to know where to get premarin without a RX.

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