Positive ANA: What might be the cause?

Posted by FreedomWarrior @freedomwarrior, Apr 28 3:51am

I am reaching out to anyone who has had a positive ANA blood test result. I aced Rheumatology testing and I believe that Mercury toxicity is the cause. Does anyone have a similar case or know somebody who does..? TY..!


My MCTD has elevated ANA, as well as other diagnostic elements. You may not have a "full blown" issue that is enough for diagnosis, but you can do some things now. One is to go on a non-processed diet, avoid sugar and moderate inflammatory foods like potato, tomato, dairy, wheat. Lifestyle-wise, get in that daily walk, work on simplifying life so you are not as stressed, eliminate fragrance from household, etc. I liked Dr A Weil's book 8 Weeks to Optimum Health, as a beginning. Perhaps you will not progress to a disease that can be identified. Be careful about reading into the internet info: stick to webmd, mayo or cleveland clinic sites.

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@marye2 Interesting. I read mayo only to see if they have come up to speed and accuracy yet with their diagnostic procedures, after spending several months and several thousand dollars for a diagnosis that produced nothing of value. WebMd focuses on making money for the major clinics while ignoring the needs of rural America. Cleveland clinic used to be pretty good. I was there for a short while in about 1988, I believe. But they seem to have forgotten how to follow through on the needs of their clientele. No, I depend on the efforts of the 1A genetic labs across the world, including Sequencing.com, Ambry, Dante, Johns Hopkins, EMORY/CDC, MD Anderson, Nebular, Boston, ARUP/Huntsman, Helsinki U. etc. Beyond that, NIH and nearly, all their partners save Stanford seem to be on the stick. No, I am realizing that if one has not done a whole dna data 100% analysis, the data is typically irrelevant for persons known to have a rare disease. If one has any indication of myeloma or such in the family, the only logical path is to run the full 100-cycle genetic analysis to achieve some measure of certainty. I have had five runs of the brief version of the genetics. With very little variation, they agree. Ambry, Sequencing.com (2x), AncestryDNA, LivingDNA(a relative of Sequencing.com. I have also done some work and conversation with Apollo, Nebular, others. Now, about your diet suggestions. That is the primary diet I have followed for about 25 years. Little red meat, mostly vegetable with chicken, turkey, or fish. No, the real problems are genetic with me. When Mayo, WebMD, and Cleveland Clinic, Stanford and OHSU refused to accept this, I went elsewhere to get some answers. I did not like what I got, but at least I got some answers. Selah.

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