Polycystic Ovary Syndrome - Treatment?

Posted by jd72601 @jd72601, Nov 21, 2011

Was diagnosed 13 yrs ago, and had been treated with birth control pills all these yrs. The difference the pill made was amazing. Was young enough that many symptoms had not had time to develope or worsen. Now, I am done having kids, had a procedure to sterilize myself, so do not need the pill for birth control. My BP went way up all of a sudden, and my OB/GYN took me off of the pill, refusing to put me back on until my BP is under control. So now I am on a med for high BP. My MD just won’t talk to me about other options for treating PCOS. Diet and excercise is a given, but not being on the pill for nearly 2 mos now, I don’t feel I can handle it any longer. I have become very depressed, very moody and emotional, my skin is very oily, I’m noticing hair growth where I don’t want it., etc…it just seems like PCOS has unleashed chaos in my body. I’m looking for a good counselor to treat depression, when 2 mos ago I was a normal, balanced person. 2 mos ago I wasn’t dealing with oily, acne skin, or weight gain. PCOS also contributes to high BP and high cholesterol, and so many other things. I feel that by not treating PCOS, I am going to need more and more treatment for all of the side effects. Wouldn’t it make more sense to treat the one cause of all the conditions instead of only treating the conditions caused by a single source? I just don’t get it. If I can’t be on the pill, and diet and excercise is not enough, what other options do I have? I’m afraid of taking over the counter estrogen, the pill uses estrogen and progestin together, and that combo offsets androgen. I’m not comfortable experimenting on my own, but my OB/GYN won’t talk about it (why?) and my PCP is not familiar enough with PCOS to give me answers yet. I’m sooo frustrated. Is there anything I can do right now???

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Can’t you get another medical opinion from a different OB/GYN? Maybe that will help ease your frustration if you know you are doing something else about it.


Go to another physician for 2nd. opinion, and not in the same city….obtain all your records and go as soon as possible. Unfortunately many women that receive tubals experience an increase in there monthly symptoms, not only those with PCOS. Of course no one tells you that when you opt to have the procedure. And it isn’t researched and documented in medical publications, but working in womens health for many years this is a solid thread that I have picked up on…discussed this with the MD I worked with and he acknowledged my hunch,.but also acknowledged the great possibility. Many women end up having a hysterectomy.
Other options include seeking out a good Naturopath with specility in womens health. They offer good alternative options.
Hope you find relief soon.

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