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nipple soreness in post menopausal women

Posted by @margaret902, Sep 23, 2012

I am 58, post menopausal. Within about the last week my nipples have become tender, similar to how it used to feel before or on my period. They also are more flat, and the aereola is less pink than normal. They used to change with temperature, but now seem to be more flattened out in general. I don’t feel sick otherwise, and am not on any medications. Anyone out there who has experienced this kind of change or tenderness?



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Posted by @beverly0223, May 17, 2016

Hi! I’m really surprised that nobody ever responded to your question. I’m experiencing the same thing. I wonder what the results were with you! I can’t imagine we’re the only two people who’ve experienced this! I hope it was nothing and all is well with you! Be blessed!! Beverly G

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