Issues after endometrial ablation: Anyone else had similar?

Posted by ocean2021 @ocean2021, Oct 7, 2021

Good morning, ladies! I had endometrial ablation almost a year ago due to heavy bleeding & clotting that could not be controlled (I'm talking soaking through a super tampon with super pad in 15 minutes). I ended up going to the hospital and they were keeping a close eye on my bloodwork because there was a chance that I would need a transfusion. I had a biopsy with was negative, but I had to have an ablation. I was kept in the surgical suite for hours longer than I should have been there because they could not manage my pain. The doctors said that the amount of pain medication they administered would have knocked out a 300 lb. man. Fast forward and I have had minimal bleeding/nearly a non-existent period for nearly a year. Lately I have had awful cramping and the same watery/bloody discharge with what appears to be tissue. I have scheduled an exam in 2-3 weeks, but wanted to see if anyone else had a similar experience. Thank you in advance for your thoughts. Have a fantastic day! 🙂

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Hi @ocean2021, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I'm tagging fellow members like @amynan5548 @olivia22819 @abartels @sireesha36 @khauff who may have experiences with endometrial ablation and abdominal pain to share with you. You may also be interested in this related discussion:
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Ocean, have you consulted your gynecologist about this delayed abdominal pain? I saw that you also posted in the gynecologic cancers group. Are you concerned about cancer?


I just had an endometrial ablation 11 days ago. No bleeding, watery discharge and crippling cramping. I had a hysteroscopy, D&C & polyp removed at the same time. I didn’t think the recovery nor pain would last this long. I met the OBGYN day of surgery. The two phone appointments we had prior did not adequately prepare me for what I’ve experienced since my procedure. I have polyps, fibroids and they wanted to do exploratory laparoscopic surgery to rule out or confirm endometriosis diagnosis. I’m incredibly frustrated and feel alone trying to navigate through all this. Unfortunately majority of my providers haven’t communicated with me. I was never told the difference between fibroids and polyps. Dealing with these chronic health issues has most definitely affected my quality of life and mental health. I wish women's health received the awareness and resources it desperately needs!


So sorry that you've been put through such an ordeal. I went through the same procedures recently, but fortunately received clear communications at every step of the process, terminating with a total laparascopic hysterectomy – and no pain or side effects after each procedure. Sounds like you may benefit from seeking out a different medical team. Best wishes.


I just had my surgery 4 days ago. I was told before hand I would have some cramps after and could return to work within a day or two. This was not the case. When I woke up in the recovery room I had extreme pain in my stomach and back. I was given a large amount of different pain meds over a 2 hour period. I was treated as if I should only be having light cramps and my pain wasn't as extreme as it was. It was not a cramping feeling at all this was a very consistent pain that never let up. I finally got a pain shot and the pain calmed down enough so I could leave the hospital. When I called 2 days later about the horrible cramps so bad I cant stand up straight and the nausea I was told that I can not have nausea meds and cramps are normal. I had to practically beg to get 1 more day off of work. I have been taking tylenol and ibuprofen because pain meds make me to sick. I cant get anyone to listen. I dont feel right and don't think this is normal at all. Has anyone else had this extreme pain?

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