Issues after endometrial ablation: Anyone else had similar?

Posted by ocean2021 @ocean2021, Oct 7, 2021

Good morning, ladies! I had endometrial ablation almost a year ago due to heavy bleeding & clotting that could not be controlled (I'm talking soaking through a super tampon with super pad in 15 minutes). I ended up going to the hospital and they were keeping a close eye on my bloodwork because there was a chance that I would need a transfusion. I had a biopsy with was negative, but I had to have an ablation. I was kept in the surgical suite for hours longer than I should have been there because they could not manage my pain. The doctors said that the amount of pain medication they administered would have knocked out a 300 lb. man. Fast forward and I have had minimal bleeding/nearly a non-existent period for nearly a year. Lately I have had awful cramping and the same watery/bloody discharge with what appears to be tissue. I have scheduled an exam in 2-3 weeks, but wanted to see if anyone else had a similar experience. Thank you in advance for your thoughts. Have a fantastic day! 🙂

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Hi @ocean2021, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I'm tagging fellow members like @amynan5548 @olivia22819 @abartels @sireesha36 @khauff who may have experiences with endometrial ablation and abdominal pain to share with you. You may also be interested in this related discussion:
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Ocean, have you consulted your gynecologist about this delayed abdominal pain? I saw that you also posted in the gynecologic cancers group. Are you concerned about cancer?

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