Pernicious anemia

Posted by pdsi43one @pdsi43one, Jan 17, 2018

I have familial pernicious anemia coupled with Hashimoto’s disease as did my mother, grandfather, and great uncle. They are both autoimmune diseases. The thyroid goiter was removed when I was 27. I have taken thyroxine since then. About 8 years ago tingling in feet and hands was diagnosed as B12 deficiency. However, the intrinsic factor associated with pernicious anemia was not known about by physician. Decline in Tingling, fatigue, awkwardness in walking, etc became slowly worse. I finally went on line at Mayo website and discovered my diagnosis. I printed out and took to my Dr.
Test were done. Confirmation ! After beginning B12 monthly injections, symptoms abated some, but there has been no significant improvement. Taking balance classes gave been the only help to keep from falling.

Is anyone out there doing something else besides B 12 injections for PA?

Hi @pdsi43one,

I’m tagging @bookworm, who has written about pernicious anemia, (“I have neuropathy, primarily numbness, in my feet from a 10 year delayed diagnosis of pernicious anemia.”), and I hope she will return with some more insight for you.

You may also wish to view this discussion, “Diagnosed with pernicious anemia; my stomach distends after eating” where @cdicicco @shosh37 @ntp01 have talked about this condition.

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