Posted by Lisa @techi, Apr 24, 2019

On Monday night my left foot was numb and l had to out back on my compression stockings. I hadn't had to wear them for about a month. So l thought maybe my neuropathy had gotten better. Then my feet started stiffening up and l couldn't get much movement in it. Then yesterday it moved up to my leg. I dont know if anyone has had this before. Is it something serious or do l need to keep on my support hose. They weren't meant for comfort.

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Hi Lisa @techi, I have lymphedema and have to wear compression socks to keep the swelling in the legs to a minimum. You are right about not being for comfort. It is a relief to take them off. I can't wear them right now due to a recent knee replacement and the swelling prevents me from getting the socks on. I haven't heard about compression socks causing this type of symptoms but maybe others have and will share their experience.

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