[TIP] Customize the Order You View Posts - See New Posts First

Mayo Clinic Connect’s community continues to be active and engaging. Members are connecting and the discussions have dozens and hundreds of messages.

You asked: How can I find the most recent posts?

This led to a reformatting of the discussion threads and how you can control the order to read them.

1. Sort by Newest to Oldest or vice versa
You can view the messages in chronological order (Oldest to Newest) or you can choose to see the most recent messages first by selecting Newest to Oldest.

oldest to newest

Mobile view

mobile view

2. Pages
Many discussions have multiple pages. You can skip to the last page or click any page in the discussion.

3. Reply to a message
If someone has replied to a specific message, you will see who they responded to and a snippet of the beginning of their message.


Click +show and you will be able to see the message that Rosemary is replying to.

reply open


More helpful tips

Click -hide to close the message

4. Reply
When you post a reply your message will be added to the discussion either
– at the end if you are viewing Oldest to Newest
– at the beginning if you are viewing Newest to Oldest

normal reply

Thanks Colleen and GInger! I was looking in the wrong place.

I participate in a half dozen or so forums, and each one has its quirks.

I'm getting daily e-mails now, so that helps a lot finding first unread.


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