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Sep 13, 2019

Replies and @mentions: How do I know who is replying to whom?

By Colleen Young, Connect Director, @colleenyoung

You can join discussions on Connect by replying to other members’ messages. You can also mention specific members in your reply so they know you’re responding specifically to them. All replies are seen by everyone.

What is a reply?

A reply is a response to a message or comment. You can reply by clicking or tapping REPLY below the message to which you wish to respond.

REPLY snippet. Replies and @mentions

When someone has replied to a message, you will see who they responded to and a snippet of their message.

1. Click or tap on +(show) and the snippet will expand to display the full message that was replied to.

Show reply snippet. Replies and @mentions newsfeed post

2. Click -(hide) to close the message

Show reply open snippet. Replies and @mentions newsfeed post

Your reply will be seen by and benefit all members who are following the discussion, and they can tell which message you are replying to.

What is a @mention?

A mention is a message or reply that contains another person’s @username anywhere in the message. If you include multiple @usernames in your message, all of those members will get a notification that they have been mentioned by you. 

How to mention a Connect member

  1. Type your message in the compose box. 
  2. Type "@" and member's @username.
  3. Select the username you want from the list that appears. Example: "I agree. @rosemarya what did you find challenging?"
  4. Click or tap POST REPLY to post.

Make sure that you @mention the full username. For example @hopeful is not the same person as @hopeful33250. You want the right member to get a notification that you’ve replied to them.

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