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My brother has Huntington Disease

Posted by @sisterlove in Brain & Nervous System, Oct 18, 2011

My brother is 68yrs. old suffereing with Huntington Disease. Can barely walk and has lost about 50 lbs, in the last few years. He resides in a nursing home for his care. Anyone experiencing or a loved one with this horrible illness? Also have checked our family tree and no one had this. It is a inherited disease, and yet I can not find anyone in the family that had it. Frustrating & Hearbreaking.


Posted by @davidwhitehurstbrown, May 5, 2016

Google 'huntington disease - causes - nhs choices'.
'In around 3% of cases of Huntington disease, there is no obvious family history of the disease. This could be due to adoption or because relatives with the condition died early from other causes. In rare cases, it's due to a new expansion in the gene.'
Over the past ten years, stem cell therapy for Huntington Disease (HD) has been ineffective — however, very recently, stem cell cell therapy seems promising for stroke, HD, and other neurodegenerative disorders. It might be worthwhile to attempt to enroll HD patients in stem cell therapy trials (that are mainly for stroke victims).
Borlongan, C. V., Jolkkonen, J., & Detante, O. (2015). The future of stem cell therapy for stroke rehabilitation. Future Neurology, 10(4), 313-319.
Diamandis, Theo, and Cesar V. Borlongan. "One, two, three steps toward cell therapy for stroke." Stroke 46.2 (2015): 588-591.


Posted by @sisterlove, May 20, 2016

Hi...I was away on vacation and just returned to see all the daily digests from Mayo Clinic. I was surprised because I wrote back in 2011 for help & support for my brother who had Huntington’s Disease. Sadly, he passed away April 10, 2015. I am still very much interested in chatting with anyone who has this dreadful illness. Thank You... Sisterlove

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