My 16 yo still doesn’t have her period

Posted by cimone88 @cimone88, Jun 3 9:29pm

Hello. My 16 year still doesn’t have her period and the doctors think it’s strange. I got mine when i was 13. She gets a good amount of discharge and stomach cramps. But everything has developed including her breasts for a while now.

Today my daughter said she had a lot of discharge and then later it was dark brown. My thought was because my daughter has been on a fast for 2 days and ate a big piece of a brownie. Can anyone explain what’s going on?

@cimone88 – It is not unusual to get your period around 16. You say she has breast development and vaginal discharge. It sounds like she is getting ready for the first period. The brown discharge is another indicator. Don’t worry at this point. If another year passes, she could be checked out. She sounds normal to me. There are many factors involved in the timing of the first period. Hereditary, nutrition and general health. Girls who are very active in competitive sports are often delayed.


Thank you so much. I was just worried because there was no blood in the underwear at all. It was just discharge. And her doctors were even sending her to the endocrinologist because they couldn’t figure out what’s wrong and everything has been fully developed for a whole 2 years now.

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