I suffer from MCS, Multiple Chemical Sencitivity, horrible reactions when I smell

Posted by lovinJesus @lovinjesus, Jul 13, 2012

I suffer from MCS, Multiple Chemical Sencitivity, horrible reactions when I smell perfumes, soaps, candles, ( so love Candles, they bring a peaceful feeling to me, it’s not the scent, it’s the flickering flame) gas, tar, chemicals sprayed outdorrs (farmers, etc) almost everything I can smell makes me so sick. I have passed out. My Homeopathic Consultant, a few years ago, put me on the Herbal Supplimants to build my immune system up along with the Homeopathic Remedy (pellets you melt under your tongue) called Arsinicum (200ck) and I really did get well. Then my husband, knowing I was poisoned with Formaldyhyde from living in a new trailor ,bought a new doublewide (filled with Formaldyhyde) and I got a double does and I got very ill. I begged him not to buy it and so did my Homeopathic Consultant because it could kill me but he gets what he wants. Almost 15 years later, I am still trying to get better. Doctors, Specialists….well, thay gave uo. No cure! I have allergic reactions 24/7 and it is totally horrific. I can’t go to church functions because I smell aftershave, perfumes, loud deodorants and hair sprays……so sickening. Frankly, my hsband’s wants came before my needs so guess what came next? Depression! Anxiety! Many, many tears and panic attacks! Don’t get me wrong; I love him but he was being so cruel and selfish. He is still like that. After almost 19 years of marriage, we may separate because I am getting an attitude now. (I think he is a narsessist, he has every single trait but if I try to talk to him about it, here come the screaming and throwing stuff) I shook myself awake, faced reality and now I feellike I will get better because I know the problem, my husband, and I am facing it. I am trying to fix it and if it can’t be fixed then I will get rid of the problem, as in leaving. I have to do something because I want to get better and I have animosity right nowand I sure don’t want it turning to hate. I don’t believe in hating. I am trying every minute of the day NOT to cry and think, speak ad act positive. I can and I will make it.

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Many years ago I ran a health food shop. We had many people who had reactions to different things and it is so hard to deal with. Can you get chemical free fruit and veggies in the states we can in Australia and they are called organic. We sold these in the shop and they assisted to help people alot. It is so difficult for you. With your husband follow your heart as to what you feel you need to do.But also realize that you need to take care of yourself. May I ask if you have children. Stay strong my dear friend rely on your faith and inner strength, I think at times it’s good to cry I know I do it can relieve stress. Naturally when you have alot going on physically being unwell and emotionally having to deal with things, that depression and axiety will occur. With the panic attacks if you can slow deep breathing can help as you feel the attack coming on. Keep positive it’s such a good trait to have. Always here anytime that you need me Piglit


How sweet of you piglet. Thank you so much. No, I do not have children. I do grow my own vegetables with no chemicals and I buy organic fruits. Our grocery store here, Kroger, has lots of organic foods. I did have chickens for my own organic free range eggs but I got to the point that I could not get up that early and stay up that late in the summer to close the chicken house door for them. I even raise my own beans, corn, greens etc. My garden is not big enought to can my food for the winter so I have to buy in the winter. I do not eat meat because of all the chemicals, hormones and antibiotics in the meats now. Yes, I will stay positive for Gos and my positive attitude are my life-line right now. Thank you for being here. Smiles and Hugs to you, Gerri


It’s good to grow your own veggies we do here too. They taste so much nicer and fresher.Although I must admit that I’m not the best gardener but Nige is. He has more of the green thumb thing going. Take care Always here Piglit

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