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Posted by doedoe13 @doedoe13, Jul 1, 2018

I have very unusual cholesterol scores. Both are high. My Doctor says not to worry because the good is high and outweighs the bad. Here are the numbers cholesterol is 270 LDL is. 164 HDL 70.6. Do I just not worry like my Doctor said? Any ideas?

I would get a second opinion because that seems high. I went on generic Crestor with lower readings

Don’t worry.Do following .
1Drink only warmor tap water .2 Walk ,Run,Exercise In Sun with 40 % body exposedto Sun.3 Reduce sugar,salt and non-veg by 50 % I next 6 weeks.4 Take smaller servings and boost your foods and veggies.5 Almonds, Walnuts, Blueberries,Falaxsed ,Oliv oil as part of daily food. must 6 Medittae , Smile and Sleep well, Yoga ,Exercise, Entertainment and Diet control ie MYSPEED will make you heart attack proof .Remember BMW means Balanced,Modertaecand Worryfree In eachand every activity.
Your HDLis superb and LDL has little role inheart Disesae.IMAY BE ONLYPERSONINWORLD LIVING STATINFREE LIFE CONSCIOUSLY EVEN AFTER HEART ATTAVK.Youcanat Least Try toreduce dependence onStatins in consultation with your Cardiologist .Try tochnage your Cardiologist.Good Luck


I would get a second opinion because that seems high. I went on generic Crestor with lower readings

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@12134 My triple by Pass was 23 yrs ago since then I've been on different. Satin to bring my cholesterol down including Crestor nothing really helped it still would go high the nlow .After researching about plaque in the system I read that
cholesterols not the culprit so I dont worry anymore my Dr is happy if it stays under 200 the key is your lifestyle exercise in modration,strength
training eating a Mediterranean diet , olive oil and vinegar in dressings regular sleeping hours. Just getting out in nature all this keeps you healthy This is what I've done for Last 23 years an my heart is in excellent condition according to my last chemical stress test 2,yrs ago My Dr. is good with it so for me this is my experience.

Hi @doedoe13,

I'd like to follow- up and was wondering if you did get a second opinion? I'd like to introduce you to @lolagrey @degarden_girl @lolly906 @falconfly @keithl56 @jharsh @yoanne @mlzeid who've shared their insights about managing high cholesterol.

I'd also like to share this article about diet and cholesterol with you:
Eat Your Fiber for High Cholesterol https://connect.mayoclinic.org/newsfeed-post/eat-your-fiber-for-high-cholesterol/

May I ask if you suspect anything in particular that may have led to this diagnosis? Did your doctor recommend any diet and lifestyle changes that you need to make?

The link for the article doesn't seem to work.

Hi @degarden_girl,

Thanks for the FYI, although it seemed to open the webpage when I clicked on the link. I've copied and reposted the link, below; please do let me know if you're still having problems opening the article.

Here are more informative articles from Mayo Clinic, that discuss the effect of diet on cholesterol levels:

I keep getting the "oops" message.


I keep getting the "oops" message.

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Me too!

I'm tagging @colleenyoung, our Community Director; she may have some insight about the error message. Are you able to open the other two Mayo Clinic webpages/links?

@kanaazpereira @degarden_girl @predictable
Dang it. That is frustrating. The first link is to a blog post by a Mayo Clinic dietitian on the "Live It" private page https://connect.mayoclinic.org/page/live-it/ that is for graduates of the Live It class. Because it is private and you are not enrolled in the program, you are getting the error message.

Live It is a 12-week group class for weight loss & behavior modification. And the b Classes are led by a Registered Dietitian with guest speakers who present on their area of expertise. The next session starts October 2, 2018 at Mayo Clinic, Phoenix Arizona.

Yes, the other two attachments open fine.

Thanks Colleen; @degarden_girl, @predictable, the link that doesn't open is essentially an article based on the second Mayo Clinic link:

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