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Managing fibromyalgia

Posted by @mrsartavia in Bones, Joints & Muscles, Aug 29, 2013

Hello everyone, I am looking for anyone who suffers from fibromyalgia and can suggest healing methods, medication and I would like to compare symptoms. Mine feels as if I had the flu, headache, joint aches, terribly tired, pain around the glands, stomach pain, low back. If lyou can please write with any comment or suggestion for relief, or any idea what causes it I will appreciate it thank you.


Posted by @portera, Aug 31, 2013 fibromyalgia over 25 yrs .pain stiffness in muscles getting worse and pain in fingers terrible. Having difficulty doing basic act cities of daily living and it is getting me down. Can anyone advise me please. A. Porter


Posted by @learningtolive2, Thu, Jan 28 at 7:51pm CST

I have been living with RA and Fibromyalgia for the past 3 years. I hate that I have to take a handful of meds everyday and sometimes I get very frustrated with it all. I see a Rheumatologist and I think the med mixture I am on is working pretty good. I take Cymbalta- if you have any bit of depression, these dx will make it worse, cymbalta helps with chronic pain- Plaquinil and Sulfasalzine for the RA, Gabapentin for the Fibro, of course then my BP went up and I had to go on a med for that as well. Now I have had to have a total hip replacement due to OA seems I can't win.


Posted by @mirig, Wed, May 11 at 10:06am CST

Hi, I too suffer from Fibromyalgia for the past 20 years plus. You mentioned the drug Gabapentin, this name came up recently somewhere ( I'm not sure if it was while I was in hospital recently or maybe online I really don't remember where, my memory is terrible!), anyway- next you mentioned high blood pressure....
Was the high blood pressure in relation to the Gabapentin?

I've never been offered anything for my Fibromyalgia ( docs don't seem to care about it around here where I live:/), and I desperately need something to ease the pain as I also have a bucket load of other medical probs including several auto-immune plus other medical conditiions and diseases which mostly all cause me pain.
I'm on morphine meds ( oxycontin and ordine- liquid morphine, but not prescribed for fibro of course). I just don't know where to turn or what to even ask for so I thought that depending on your reply to my question that maybe gabapentin might be a good place to start?
By the way, I'm in Australia and Fibro isn't given the attention that its given in the US:/
Soft, gentle hugs for you and for all of us who suffer pain, ,


Posted by @briansr, Wed, May 11 at 10:27am CST

My Rheumatologist gives me soma 350 mg 3 a day if needed. The generic name
is carisoprodol an is for muscle pain. Narcotics will not help a
fibromyalgia attack but this will. But be careful taking it. The less the
better. You system gets very used to it then it won't work. Gabapentin is
really good in combination for overall pain and Fibromyalgia. Your on some
really strong narcs and I would think you would have to cut back on those
some before adding more meds. Just my opinion. briansr

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Posted by @anonymous-90348, Wed, Feb 3 at 6:47am CST

Hi @learningtolive2,

I moved your message to this thread so that you can connect @mrsartavia and @portera.

I also recommend connecting with @ch79 who writes about having RA and fibromyalgia here:

@ch79 I bet you're no stranger to managing multiple medications and can empathize with Learningtolive2.

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Posted by @jyth, Wed, Mar 23 at 12:47am CST

I have also been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. My dr sent me to a pain management program for Fibro and there we were taught to deal with stress via mindful meditation and were strongly encouraged to stay active and exercise. I too wake up most morning feeling like I have the flu...headache, stomach ache and nausea, body aches, irritated bowels and bladder, weak, fatigued, etc. It's hard enough to cope with the fibro pain..mostly in my arms and back...but feeling so sick so much of the time is really depressing. The fatigue is what we have been addressing lately. I'm using a bi-pap machine and have just switched to a hospital bed with a cushy thick foam mattress and am now getting a good 8 hour sleep. But I still fall back to sleep within the first hour i get up and need a nap later on in the day as well. I used to be hyper-active, always on the go...hard to deal with the changes. Now my dr gave me a stimulant to help with the fatigue and it seemed to help for about a week, now I'm not so sure as I've been so tired these last couple days. Of course living in the northeast, the weather changes have been brutal this winter. I'm very affected by the barometer. I tried didn't help and I only gained weight on it. Not willing to try Lyrica as it also contributes to weight gain. I've gained so much this past year due to inactivity and now my pre-diabetes has developed into diabetes. It just seems to never end.


Posted by @jyth, Wed, May 11 at 10:44am CST

Hi everyone,
My docs haven't mentioned Gabapentin, but I think my sister takes it for fibro. I'm staying away from the narcs so does this really help? Web searches I've done don't really mention fibro as a condition they prescribe this for but they do mention nerve pain. The stimulant I helping a little, i've asked my doc to increase the dosage and we'll see how that helps. It helps with the fatigue and helps keeping me awake and functioning at a higher level which I'm very grateful for. I'm working hard at addressing my sleep issues so I can help reduce the fatigue. Now if we could only find something that could treat the flu sick symptoms that seem to go along with barometer changes in the weather. Does anyone else have these issues?
I'm also walking with a knee brace on my left knee and use a walker as i have an inflamed IT band on my right side. This is really a drag for a once very active "jock" personality!
I'm also realizing how much stress affects the level of pain I'm experiencing! A few stressful events over the last couple weeks really put me into a well of pain, sick, unable to think straight. I'm giving the mindful meditation a more serious consideration as a combatant to this. has anyone else tried mindful meditation? I was taught to do this at the pain management clinic I attended.


Posted by @briansr, Wed, May 11 at 7:12pm CST

Gabapentin really helps alot esp in combination with soma which is a
schedule 4 drug. Soma or carisoprodol 350mg is for muscle pain and you take
it when a fibromyalgia attack is out of hand. Narc pain meds won't help. As
for gabapentin they usually start at 300 mg 3 a day and go up if needed. I
take 800mg 4 times a day for over 15 years. Works on fibromyalgia and
really helps my neuropathy more than anything! briansr

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Posted by @dlady, Tue, May 3 at 1:12am CST

Ok, i hope this gets through. I dont know how these posting/socialmedia/forums work or how to tell the top from the bottom...
I was told i have fibrimyalgia in 2015 (although going thru old doc records show i was diagnosted in 2007, with pain going back to 2000) havent been given much help expeciallt since i came to Oregon in AUG to visit & got so sick with gastroenteritis i couldnt return home to work/live in So Cal. Since being here & on medicaid, since i havent been able to work. ive been told so much crap: its all in my head (somatized), its just a 'feeling' & SSA-RSDI will never pay disability to only a fibromyalgia diagnosis because it doesnt have a 'test' to clinically prove i have it & on it goes...
I also have small fiber pheripheral neuropathy & celiac genetic propensity, ( doc calls it:greater than 1 in 10 chance of celiac disease), Digenerative disc disease (which some call NORMAL FOR MY AGE), again CBD is enlarged n ive already had ercp a few years ago to open it up & now its enlarged again. Doc just did a blood test; primary bilary stenosis test.??
Has anyone else had such the run around n negating of your pain?


Posted by @alysebrunella, Tue, May 3 at 12:51pm CST

Hi @dlady, and welcome to Connect.
Congratulations on posting your first message. You posted it to the right group: Autoimmune Diseases. I moved your message to the discussion thread called Managing fibromyalgia so you could meet other Connect members talking about fibromyalgia. To see the complete discussion, including your message, simply click this link Then you can read all the messages from the earliest to the most recent.

I’d also like to introduce you to a few other members who have shared about their experiences in other discussion threads:

- In "Chronic Pain - Let's talk" you'll meet @tompet, @briansr and @ladyjane85 talking about fibromyalgia and pain management.
- In "Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy?" you'll meet @bobsconnect @johnbishop and others

I think you'll find that many people with chronic pain sharing on this forum experience the "run around" you refer to and that pain is largely misunderstood by those who don't experience it, including medical professionals. How are you getting your doctor(s) to listen to you and work with you?

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Posted by @ladyjane85, Tue, May 3 at 1:15pm CST

Run around is common. I have had fibro for many, many years, but since
my back issues and surgeries have been worse I cannot bother with it -
I react to all meds. I have been thru 5 surgeries on back and since I
react to meds of many kinds I bear up to 9 pain. I still drive when
needed but am in Independent Care in a facility. I spend much of my
time on the bed in a half recline. I hear you and feel for you. I am
85 and they think I can't have that much pain bec I look so young and
I always fix up to keep my own morale up. Last pain management dr said
there is nothing else they can do for me....Keep yor brain going with
reading, meditation, and whatever you love. My best.


Posted by @johnbishop, Tue, May 3 at 1:17pm CST

Hi @dlady, if you use Facebook you might consider joining the Our Neuropathy Friends group which has over 3000 members and growing. It's a great support group. One of the posts that may help you was about a lady who helps people navigate through the insurance mess for pain issues. You can read more here: Good luck and know that you are not alone. God Bless!


Posted by @briansr, Tue, May 3 at 4:25pm CST

I have a GP for BP and cold meds and see him every four months. I have a
rheumatologist. who I see once a year for osteoarthritis, sarcoidosis,
fibromyalgia, emgus,and other immune problems I have(can't even remember
them all, he gives me soma which is all he can do until I have a flare-up
which works, or helps for fibromyalgia when I get stuck in bed off and on
every month. I'm running a 99.9 today, that's how I know one of them is
slapping me around a bit. No chills just get real hot and eventually take a
Tylenol. These low grade temps can last 2 to 4+ days with my longest being
over 3 months. That's when I take Prednisone if I can drive the 110 mile
round trip. My pain doc is an anesthesiologist who gives me narcs that
don't help much but I take what I can get. He's the cut happy Dr, the best
one I have found in 33 yrs but I'm refusing any more surgeries unless it's
a have to which my last nine have been. His office and him are getting a
bit odd which I don't want to get into now. He flys in surgeons from out of
state and has some on staff.I have an eye dr who got my sarcoidosis
diagnosed, it took 3+ years.I don't even know why i'm typing this much but
I've seen alot of Drs. and these are the best group I've found. It only
took approximately 28 years to find them. These are the kind of Drs you
might need. When they found out I had EMGUS I had a cancer doc who just did
blood work and I got someone else to do that. Google MGUS OR EMGUS and
read, it's very interesting but dangerous. I'm done. I don't know if I
helped you or just confused you. Have to stop now. Thanks. briansr


Posted by @dlady, Tue, May 3 at 5:22pm CST

Thanks Alyse, I'm SO frustrated with these docs! All I've gotten so far is Lyrica n yesterday doc put me on cymbalta, also take Vicodin but there gettin very particular bout that one ( weening my sister OFF because of governmental overreach & she has 3 back fusions!) Denied neuroma/bunion surgery, denied epidural shot for my back. Waiting for physical therapy but I'm kinda thinking they will deny that too.
My doc says there is now way SSA-RSDI will award me disability based on fibro alone, it's just a 'feeling' he says. In pain & so tired of it


Posted by @dlady, Wed, May 4 at 1:49am CST

Awe, thank u!


Posted by @dlady, Wed, May 4 at 1:50am CST

No, all the info I can get helps, thanks!


Posted by @salena54, Thu, May 5 at 10:29am CST

Wow!!!! In your 80s and you sound young in your posts that I have read. My
mom is 77 yrs old and has always been a beautiful woman and also looked
younger than she was. But lately she looks bad because of her Alzheimer's,
she forgets to eat are bath. My fourth brother lives with her, but he's not
in the best of shape because of the life style he lived all his life. We
let him move in after I put him in rehab. He was on meth, we couldn't find
him so I went looking and found him under a bridge, me and my sister
brought him for help while we were going to rehab he told us that he tried
to take his life and took so much meth that he felt his brain blow up and
saw a bright light. He has been clean know for a year, but he has never
been the same. My older brother helped him get a SSI and Medicare. I do my
best to go to moms every other day to make sure the house is clean and they
have bathed. My daughter works at the hospital and home health and if I
can't get mom to bath she can, she has a compassion and a way with the
elderly and they love her. I hope you get the best help that's out there,
our elders have earned it. salena54



Posted by @salena54, Thu, May 5 at 10:51am CST

I'm so sorry that you are going through so much. I don't know how Lyrics
and cymbalta makes you feel, I couldn't take it. It made me feel irritable
and I would be snappy, my oldest granddaughter but like this, mowmow has an
attitude of the worst kind and it just don't suit her. So they took me off.
My Doctor has to keep trying different things because I can't take just
anything. You might have to get you a lawyer to be awarded your disability.
The lady that is doing my case told me to get a lawyer, because when they
found out that I still do my job and go to the University when there's new
research in psychology and counseling. They said if I can do school work
I'm not disabled. She told me that they have people on SSI and disability
that go to trade school, I'm not in school anymore, I just go to for what's
new. I haven't found a lawyer yet, it get discouraging sometimes and they
can make you feel really cheap and low class. Hope you get what you
deserve, and what you have paid in. We need to fight for this because I
fear it won't be an option before long, no one will be able to get it.



Posted by @juneia, Mon, May 9 at 2:05am CST

What you describe I know very well. Just once I would like to wake up without pain and not feel I could do with more sleep. Thankfully my doctor tries his best. I have restless legs also with all the other things you have. My doctor prescribed Sinemet for my legs. It is a Parkinson medication-but I can still get where my legs jerk and the pain is terrific. So the best thing I have is a narcotic. If I don't take pain meds. to go to bed I am up trying to walk the feeling off and waiting for the pain meds. to take effect. Depression is a hard thing to manage so I have antidepressants too. My doctor feels that older people don't seem to get addicted as quickly younger people do. And what the heck at 86 what does it matter. Although I haven't so far. My children think I should try medical marijuana but my doctor says the pain killer I have is better for me.One thing I have found out when in pain rocking myself back and forth on the bed helps. Also I have knelt down as in prayer and put my head and shoulders well up on the bed and actually slept. I can't get in and out of a tub but before when I could use the tub I have found relief of pain just lying in the warm water. Fibromyalgia is a miserable thing and can be a handicap as far as having to work. I keep saying to myself I am glad it is not cancer.It doesn't help the pain but --you try anything when you have Fibromyalgia. It is the tiredness that beats you even if you have killed the pain. I just know some days I will have to sleep all day and then go to bed and sleep all night. I haven't helped much but it helped to talk about it. Take care. By the way Lyrica caused me more pain and I was really depressed. Scary.


Posted by @alysebrunella, Mon, May 9 at 4:48pm CST

Hi @juneia, and welcome to Connect. I’m glad you found the Managing fibromyalgia thread to connect with others who are experiencing similar pain and symptoms. Thanks for sharing some methods that help ease your pain, as this helps other members see what works for you and what doesn’t.

I’m tagging @oldgeezer81, @edriaragosin and @pheefoe – all members who have recently contributed to discussions around fibromyalgia.

You mentioned that rocking back and forth helps relieve some of your pain. Have you found any other exercises/movements that reduce the severity of the pain?


Posted by @briansr, Tue, May 10 at 3:26am CST

I again recommend gabapentin. Star at 300mg 3 times a day and then increase
as needed. I take 800mg 4 times a day and wish I could increase but my
insurance company has a cap on it. It's an old seizure med but it sure
helps Fibromyalgia and neuropathy. briansr

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Posted by @juneia, Wed, May 11 at 12:20am CST

Hi, you asked if I had any other method for pain with Fibromyalgia. I started a very different type of what is called Therapeutic Yoga. I was referred to this person by friend who has MS. It has done wonders for him and it is hard to believe he is the same person of these past years.I thought I would try it and tho’ I wondered about it was anything that might help. It is very different, The therapist comes once a week.Like anything else, it is pricey. Also I have a massage every two weeks. I would like to afford more but that is how it is. Look up Therapeutic Yoga and see what you think Juneia


Posted by @robbinr, Wed, Jun 22 at 9:37am CST

I second the recommendation for Therapeutic Yoga! I think that Yoga has enabled me to be more active, and although I often am sore, it feels like a good sore. But I caution you to never ignore a sharp pain that is persistent and keeps getting worse. I dislocated my shoulder one time, and thought it was just Fibro pain, until I finally went to a chiropractor and he put my arm in a sling for six weeks - at the beginning of gardening season!


Posted by @disgusted, Wed, Jul 20 at 1:05am CST

I second your recommendation for gabapentin. It has made all the difference in the world for me. I am taking the same dosage as you.


Posted by @1langla, Wed, Jul 20 at 1:29pm CST

Well,hubby takes it.I might try it in the future.It's overwhelming.Well,right now,I'm trying 2 recover from(ankle)bone bruising 2.Thx.


Posted by @johnwburns, Wed, Jul 20 at 3:32pm CST

Duloxetine, an SNRI antidepressant, can help some folks with chronic pain of multiple origins. Fewer side effects than the old tricyclics but still some.


Posted by @juneia, Wed, May 11 at 12:00am CST

Hi, is this med the same as Lyrical because it is for the same thing. I tried it but for some reason it caused more pain and I could feel slight depression.I have Celexa which is supposed to relax muscles and helped pain. It did somewhat. It was supposed to just be an anti depressant but the researchers found that it also help with pain. Thanks for the answer. Sometimes some of those older medications are better than the new.One doctor said Elavil was still was the best anti depressant. Juneia

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Posted by @briansr, Wed, May 11 at 1:09am CST

Couldn't afford it on a fixed income!!!


Posted by @juneia, Wed, May 11 at 11:46am CST

I too am on a fixed income and I guess I am so very lucky to have my three children who can help me out .My blue cross helps somewhat..


Posted by @jharsh, Tue, May 17 at 8:50am CST

I am 50 and was diagnosed with fibro a year ago at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. The first thing I got under control was sleep. Generic Lexapro was prescribed after my PCP at home was confident I didn't have other sleep disorders. I have proven to myself this works best combined with adding a soak in an ultraviolet half sauna as part of a pre-bed nightly ritual.

After a year I finally have more days not in denial. I have been trying to improve my eating by focusing on what to eat. My cholesterol is ultra high (up to almost 400 at times) and I am trying to control it without meds at this point. I started with 3 fruits a day, 2 veggies at each lunch and dinner, fish once a week, eating out no more than once a week.

I started walking 5 minutes every other day a year ago and worked up to 30 minutes 4/5 times a week now. I continually fight myself on routines but have proven to myself that if I could focus on one thing only that us is to drill the word "routine" into every fiber of my being. It's hard. At times I just want to be defiant to the whole idea.

I finally changed jobs to something manageable long term. I worked full time managing a call center for a magazine company. I was patient to find a part time accounting job that fits me and it had taken since the first of the year to adjust. Against, routine.

I started yoga once a week faithfully a year and a half ago. After a while a realized its value. Routine! I've tried swimming and tai chi, both I see will be great but I haven't been able to regularly incorporate them yet. I could tell it's too much.

I started chiropractic on December and added massage to compliment. It's been painful but improving my shoulder, neck, hips tremendously. I'm trying to find a sweet spot as far as scheduling frequency right now.

Pain became horrendous lately. It came on suddenly and now Jeff just as much so. It is always something, as other normal symptoms have taken over. I want to get a handicapped parking permit for that one day in many that the walk in our parking garage is oh so tough. I want to purchase a cane to have at home for those times when my walking is unstable and my knees buckle without warning. I put it off though because I'm fearful its acknowledging defeat in one battle of this war in my body. I plan to discuss it with my PCP next month.

My doc at Mayo is recommending magnets and acupuncture to try.


Posted by @salena54, Tue, May 17 at 9:23am CST

jharsh, I'm sorry to hear that you are going through so much pain. I'm 54 and have had pain most of my life. Had a severe head injury at 10 years old. It has caused me to suffer from the most awful migraines, and caused arthritis in my neck. I had a tomur and had to have a histerectomy at 22 then my gallbladder a year later. Always would run fever every evening and would suffer from the worst case of fatigue that would keep me in bed for days. I went through more test and doctors in a three year period. I was diagnosed with Lupus 10 years ago and inherited my mom's RA and dad's high blood pressure. Now the last week of this month I go for a MRI to find out if I have MS. I know I have scar tissue because I have one done every 6 years, and was told that became of the scar tissue I would likely have these type of symptoms. There are days it takes all I've got to walk, and the pain in just moving can be unbearable. Like this morning. And I got to take care of something for mom this morning. I to go to the Chiropractor and it helps wonderfully. I also get in a hot tub with Epson salt an lavender at night when it seems like nothing helps. You sound like you stay pretty active, I find that if I can do as much as I can, I can have productive days. I use a lot of different oils for my problems and they do help to a certain degree. I understand where you are coming from wanting to get a cane, I have quite a few and use them when I feel like my legs will fall from under me. I know we are still young, but we can make the best of this journey. Like you said you were eating different. It's a lifestyle change! And we can make it. Hope you have a great day. Prayers salena54

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Posted by @disgusted, Wed, Jul 20 at 1:03am CST

You really need to find something that works for you. There are a lot of things out there. In my experience three trips to Mayo Clinic was a complete waste of my time and hard-earned money. A good local GP was much more effective and I have been able to function normally for the past nine years as a result.


Posted by @robbinr, Wed, Jul 20 at 2:59am CST

How nice for you that you had a competent GP! That is often, in fact, rarely the case. First, they think you are a nut case, then they think you just want drugs. I have found over the course of my now 30 year journey with the diagnosis of Fibro - Drugs Rarely help. You have to find the thing that broke you in the first place, then fix it. I know it sounds harsh, but adding a plethora of chemicals to an already compromised system just confuses and be fuddles the brain. Pain is just pain...find the mantra to deal with it, and move on to a better state of health. Doctors often know shit about why some people hurt and others don't. We all experience pain in an individual way.
Remembering that Pain is just a sensation that your mind can overcome with mindful attention is a powerful tool.


Posted by @ladyjane85, Wed, Jul 20 at 7:14pm CST

I have fibromyalgia plus chronic back pain that overshadows the fibro. I am
most often in 8 to 9 pain level. I try to meditate, but nothing takes my
pain away. ladyjane85


Posted by @disgusted, Wed, Jul 20 at 10:34pm CST

I can definitely relate to that. My pain focuses primarily in my back. Meditation didn't help me. One thing, in case you haven't done it yet, that might help is finding a support group. The experiences of others can provide possibilities that might not have been suggested. However, what works for one may not work for you.


Posted by @1langla, Thu, Jul 21 at 7:39am CST

How sad!I'm sorry.I've other types of pain besides the FM.So,it's challenging.Now,my chiro.'s office's a ways away since we moved recently.So,makes life sorta hard.I understand about meditating.I mean,4 anxiety.Sometimes I've 2 take med.4 it.Thx!


Posted by @disgusted, Wed, Jul 20 at 10:52am CST

The "thing that broke me" was insomnia. After scrupulously avoiding all medications for it, it worsened and worsened. Many well-meaning friends gave me their advice, which usually was "Just go to bed, close your eyes, and go to sleep." Well, needless to say, that failed to work. Then the pain set in, steadily growing worse and worse.

I have a medical condition that needs to be treated medically. Some forms of chronic pain can be alleviated via pschological means. That is fine, but that is not my case. If you find that you can manage your pain without medication, so much the better. I can't. I am grateful that, in spite of Mayo Clinic, I am functioning normally now.


Posted by @ladyjane85, Wed, Jul 20 at 7:37pm CST

I agree that sleep is a big problem with all kinds of chronic pain. Hard
for me to get relief......from ladyjane85


Posted by @disgusted, Wed, Jul 20 at 10:36pm CST

Yes, I am really grateful that I found a sleep doctor who was able to give me back my sleep. I get 4 - 7 hours a night, but that is immensely better than nothing, which I was getting at my worst stage.


Posted by @1langla, Thu, Jul 21 at 7:30am CST

I'm sure you're grateful about that.How nice!i don't get any sometimes due 2 my pain.Challenging!I'm sure it's better than nothing!


Posted by @1langla, Wed, Jul 20 at 1:07pm CST

It's challenging coping with not being able 2 sleep @ times.I've chronic pain 2.That's 2 bad.Yes.My pain's hard 2 cope with.Good.


Posted by @colleenyoung, Wed, Jul 20 at 1:27pm CST

Welcome to Connect, @disgusted.
Sleep is so integral to our health. I think you might be interested in the discussion that @johnwburns started called Autoimmune Diseases and Fatigue

How have you been able to manage your insomnia successfully?


Posted by @disgusted, Wed, Jul 20 at 1:43pm CST



Posted by @ladyjane85, Wed, Jul 20 at 7:41pm CST

One does not know what you are replying to. ladyjane85


Posted by @disgusted, Wed, Jul 20 at 10:38pm CST

My reply is to the post immediately above my reply. I wish it was possible to quote the question to which I am replying, but it seems the computer program is too basic to allow it.


Posted by @colleenyoung, Wed, Jul 20 at 1:46pm CST

How have you managed your insomnia?


Posted by @disgusted, Wed, Jul 20 at 1:52pm CST

I found a good sleep doctor who put me on temezapam.


Posted by @johnwburns, Wed, Jul 20 at 3:28pm CST

Just backing up a little so bear with me... If you don't mind my asking, the "medical condition" is fibromyalgia?


Posted by @disgusted, Wed, Jul 20 at 4:28pm CST



Posted by @dlady, Fri, May 27 at 8:28pm CST

I do have a Facebook page but I don't use it, mostly because I'm an abuse
survivor & he has tried to find my many way including Facebook, thanks for
the info though.

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