Managing fibromyalgia

Posted by mrs artavia @mrsartavia, Aug 29, 2013

Hello everyone, I am looking for anyone who suffers from fibromyalgia and can suggest healing methods, medication and I would like to compare symptoms. Mine feels as if I had the flu, headache, joint aches, terribly tired, pain around the glands, stomach pain, low back. If lyou can please write with any comment or suggestion for relief, or any idea what causes it I will appreciate it thank you.

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What I can share may sound "off the wall," but here goes anyway.
I have two friends from the alternative treatment sphere, one here in the US, the other in England. They both insist that "fibromyalgia" is a junk diagnosis and suggest more effective treatment is found by "defining" the condition as multiple trigger points. One of these friends is a deep tissue massage practitioner with decades of experience, and whatever my so-called diagnosis is, she was able to keep me going, leading a functional life, including riding my horses for over 2 decades until I retired at age 66.
Lately, I've been exposed to the work of Stefanie Seneff, PhD, MIT trained, and a very serious researcher (easy to find online if you want to check her out). Her initial interest in studying what she considered an alarming rise in cases of autism led her to find evidence linking it to what is now the world-wide use of glyphosate (Round-Up). She is dismissed by many as a "crank." I guess that's something that people have to decide for themselves – to find her credible, or accept the "party line" initially given out by Monsanto & now Bayer that the herbicide is harmless.
Unfortunately, however, at this point, there is no consensus on the protocol for treating long-term exposure.


I have had Fibromyalgia since at least 1990. I am on my second round of Lyrica. I have experienced good results with it. My issues are deep muscle pain all over. I also have IBS, which has similar characteristics to what you have mentioned. We try to eat as healthy as possible, meaning, in our case, less processed food the better. Lots of turkey, fish, chicken, and vegetarian dishes. No pork, and beef rarely. For sweets we go to fruits. Occasionally we will make a low sugar dessert. Magnesium, turmeric, and a special cream made by a friends daughter supplement this routine. I have no issues with fibro right now, but am looking towards a hip replacement soon. I hope you find some answers to help with your symptoms. Constant pain is no joke.

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