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Managing fibromyalgia

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I have been living with RA and Fibromyalgia for the past 3 years. I hate that I have to take a handful of meds everyday and sometimes I get very frustrated with it all. I see a Rheumatologist and I think the med mixture I am on is working pretty good. I take Cymbalta- if you have any bit of depression, these dx will make it worse, cymbalta helps with chronic pain- Plaquinil and Sulfasalzine for the RA, Gabapentin for the Fibro, of course then my BP went up and I had to go on a med for that as well. Now I have had to have a total hip replacement due to OA seems I can't win.

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Hi, I too suffer from Fibromyalgia for the past 20 years plus. You mentioned the drug Gabapentin, this name came up recently somewhere ( I'm not sure if it was while I was in hospital recently or maybe online I really don't remember where, my memory is terrible!), anyway- next you mentioned high blood pressure....
Was the high blood pressure in relation to the Gabapentin?

I've never been offered anything for my Fibromyalgia ( docs don't seem to care about it around here where I live:/), and I desperately need something to ease the pain as I also have a bucket load of other medical probs including several auto-immune plus other medical conditiions and diseases which mostly all cause me pain.
I'm on morphine meds ( oxycontin and ordine- liquid morphine, but not prescribed for fibro of course). I just don't know where to turn or what to even ask for so I thought that depending on your reply to my question that maybe gabapentin might be a good place to start?
By the way, I'm in Australia and Fibro isn't given the attention that its given in the US:/
Soft, gentle hugs for you and for all of us who suffer pain, ,

My Rheumatologist gives me soma 350 mg 3 a day if needed. The generic name<br>is carisoprodol an is for muscle pain. Narcotics will not help a<br>fibromyalgia attack but this will. But be careful taking it. The less the<br>better. You system gets very used to it then it won't work. Gabapentin is<br>really good in combination for overall pain and Fibromyalgia. Your on some<br>really strong narcs and I would think you would have to cut back on those<br>some before adding more meds. Just my opinion. briansr<br>