COPD and Emphysema: Want to connect with others

Posted by redsox @redsox, May 29, 2018

Confused by PFT so much to absorb ! What are the treatments for Mild, Moderate and Severe .

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Hi Merry, I am experiencing sob after my nebulizing treatment with budesonide This is a new medication for me and I also started on 15 mg od Prednisone. Could it be to much? Just looking for someone who shares this experience..

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Jan I have not had your experience. You would have to ask your Dr. why he prescribed Prednisone. Are you on a dose withdrawal or take 25 mg. daily? Prednisone will help with swelling. Mr. Bill asked good questions.


Red…I am at the border of mod/severe. 48% lung function. 68 yrs old, male. I use 2L O2 at night, use a nebulizer (covered under part B), meds are Brovana x2 and ipratropium bromide x4, and use albuterol prn (also under part B).
I vol for clinical trials when avail at Mayo, they aren't so scary. I am using respiratory therapy and try to remain positive. Just remember "I have COPD, but COPD hasn't got me."

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How often do you use the nebulizer? Do you use it with albuterol or saline? Thanks


When I was in hospital and then rehab I was given 2.5 mg albuterol sulfate, or 5 mg Ipratopium Bromide mixed with 3mg albuterol sulfate. This was 4 times daily. However, in both hospital and rehab respiratory therapist sometimes only showed up twice a day. Not often, but often enough to make me wonder. Seems there was another mix containing the drug Duoneb, which I think is the same as Albuterol, but not sure. You may want to try the University of Google and see if they can explain the different drugs.

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