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Posted by presley @presley, Dec 22, 2021

I’ve had a sore throat since saturday. On sunday, I had developed a dry cough, and a booming headache in the back of my head that didn’t go away. On monday, I still had the cough and the sore throat, but the headache was more tolerable, and moved to the front of my head. I also became slightly nauseas, and got worse when I ate. I tested negative for both COVID and both strains of Flu. I went to an on campus doctor and they had told me that I probably had something viral. It is now wednesday and while my sore throat is basically 85% gone and I no longer have a headache, I’m still nauseas. Additionally, my dry cough has developed into a crunchy wet cough (best way I can explain it is when i start coughing, it turns into multiple coughs because there’s phlegm that wasn’t there before). I’m more or less asking for a second opinion on this, because usually when i have something “viral” it’s usually gone by now. Additionally, I’ve never gotten nauseas with something “viral.” Additionally, I’ve developed dirrahhea today as well. I’m 18 years old, male, and about 190 pounds. Again, I’m just asking for a second opinion. Thanks !

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Hello Presley and welcome to Connect. Viruses can do all kinds of different things and even affect the heart. There are so many different viruses that you can't assume that your body will react the same way every time when you catch one. We are all patients here on Connect, and only a trained medical professional can give you a diagnoses, and maybe not even a diagnosis for a specific identified virus. I am glad that your Covid and flu tests were negative. I know viruses and the flu have made me nauseous and dizzy and feeling like I would pass out if I was up walking around.

What you can do is drink plenty of fluids and use an over the counter expectorant to help clear the phlegm. I use a generic for Mucinex called Guaifenesin. Sometimes is has a decongestant that is combined with it, but I prefer to use it alone. Your body is trying to eradicate an infection by flushing it out with phlegm. The cells lining your airways have whip-like cilia that beat to move the phlegm up and out. Smoking will somewhat temporarily paralyze the cilia and make it harder to clear the phlegm. I don't know if that applies to you, but many people will read your post who may be smokers. The thinner that mucous is, the easier it is to expel. I have allergic asthma, so I can get a phlegm buildup too. Cough drops with menthol and mentholatum like Vick's vapors also help open airways. Inhaling steam can help too to thin the mucous if you are careful not to burn yourself or inhale steam that is too hot. I was using a facial sinus steam device I got at a pharmacy that would make steam for about 20 minutes.

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Welcome to Connect.

I'm not a health professional.

What you describe is what we call .. in the southern USA … “THE CRUD”. It can last six weeks or more. If it last longer than the six weeks, you run a high fever, or symptoms worsen return to your health care provider. It could be something differrent… but “THE CRUD” covers the broad spcetrum. There are always articles on it this time of year and you can get more information by looking up “THE CRUD” through your web browser.

The things Jennifer suggested will help you feel a bit better until it decides to subside.

It is very important to stay hydrated especially with the symptom of diarrhea. To help with it eat a milder diet. Broth counts as liquid and adds nutrition that you need to fight this virus. Homemade is usually better in taste and nutrition, but canned or liquid concentrate will do. You might add jello, rice and chicken… popsicles can soothe a sore throat. Ripe bananas are easy to digest and will help to bulk your stool. You might consider a probiotic to help with diarrhea too. Do not overuse anti-diarrhea products like Immodium. Avoid dairy products like milk, ice cream, cream.

I hope you feel better soon,

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