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Chest discomfort, constant belching, left arm discomfort,

Posted by @chibbee33, Jul 1, 2017

Hi my name is ruff 24 male im from the philippines, last year 2016 october I had an attack(idk what kind) all i felt was dizziness, shortness of breath, and nausea. I went to the er that time and they said that i was just hyperventilating. I wasnt convinced so i had bloodworks and i found out that my triglyceride was on the roof. 987 to be exact and the normal was only 70-100. So i made an appointment with my cardiologist and asked for meds. I started exerscising and 2 months later i was able to bring all my numbers to normal including my bad and good cholesterol. I thought i was already getting better but suddenly around january of this year i began having chest discomfort(sometimes piercing pains most of the time pressure) so i decided to have a 2D-echo and the cardio said my heart is just fine. Btw ive done alot of ecgs and all cameback okay. Its already july and im still having these chest pains and i think its getting worse. Last month i began having chest pain esp on the left side that feels like someone is holding it tight, and it radiates on my jaws and whole left arm, it also comes with lightheadedness, shortness of breath and sometimes nasuea. Ive been in the er most of the time last month coz of this. Also sometimes when i stretch my left arm i can feel vibration/spasms(painful) on my left chest. I can feel that spasms as well if im burping. I am really confused right now. The doctors at the er doesnt know how to deal with it and hasnt given me accurate answers. Im jst convincing myself that these are just anxiety symptoms and gerd but sometimes i really couldnt shake the possibility that these are heart attack symptoms. My sister (a nurse) is not that concerned about my symptoms saying that im just having axiety attacks. I really dont know whatvto do anymore. Sorry for the long post and confusing english.


Hi @chibbee33,

Welcome to Connect; no need to apologize for length of post or English…we hear you completely, but I’m so sorry that you are experiencing these symptoms!

There are a few discussions on Connect that you may wish to go thorough:

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I would also like to invite a few members into this conversation who have also discussed cardiac problems; please meet @kewpie8484 @miro @predictable @hopeful33250 @incrediblemulk98 @lisab62 @brenda88 @cherfenn @beahind @mimib @lcmino, and perhaps they can offer some more insight.

@chibbee33, are you currently taking any medications to get some relief? Has reflux, or related issues connected to belching been ruled out?

Very sympathetic, @chibee33, for your plight and the anxiety it causes you. My reactions were rather pointed, although they are not the conclusions of a medical professional, just those of a perpetual patient.

Your symptoms seem to add up to heart-related problems, but other conditions might be also at work on you. For that reason, I’d suggest that you consider a specialist in internal medicine to lead your medical team, or seek diagnosis and treatment from a patient-centered clinic (like Mayo Clinic or a state university institution) that is equipped to examine every possibility. They could provide a second opinion, which might ease some of the uncertainty you mentioned.

You should consider having a medically knowledgeable person with you for each of your encounters with doctors so that you can check your reactions with a trustworthy personal friend or family member.

Please also consider finding a clinic that has a demonstrated record of success with genomic medicine. For more on this, check, a web site for this speciality at the National Institutes of Health.

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