CBD oil and depression/anxiety

Posted by lalyfa @lalyfa, Feb 24, 2018

I am curious to know if anyone has had success with CBD or Hemp oil helping with depression/anxiety? I’ve been reading a lot about it and am curious.
I’ve been reading about this and am very interested but would like thoughts/opinions from anyone who has actually tried it or knows someone who has. TIA

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My dropper is metered so you can monitor your dosage. Then you can find a chart and plug in your numbers. Reddit.com has a really active CBD forum with lots of information


This is a very old thread, that I just stumbled on.

I emphatically will state that high purity CBD Oil and Salve have worked miracles for me.

My blood pressure has dropped about 25 points in the one month that I've been on CBD Oil. My hip bursitis is gone. My ugly dark spotted sun/age forearms are very nice again, even two doctors/dermatologists have emphatically said that they will ALWAYS look that ugly way.

I've read quite a bit about CBD, in that research and testimonials state that it will help anxiety, autism, depression, Alzheimer's, much, much more.

The key is to buy only high purity, high quality. There's a bunch of cheap, diluted stuff being sold. Amazon won't even list the CBD purity in the many"hemp" products if sells.

CBD is legal in all 50 states, but is not regulated anywhere. Hence, cheap imitation stuff.

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Hi, @clark711 – thanks for sharing your experiences with CBD oil and salve. Sounds like it's been an exciting journey for you.

We are very happy to have you as a member and participating in sharing your experiences. As our Mayo Clinic Connect guidelines do prohibit commercial postings, advertisements or solicitations, though, we'd ask that you refrain from selling/posting links to product sales. I did remove the last bit of your previous post in this discussion for that purpose.

Back to you, @clark711: Do you have a diagnosis of depression or anxiety? If so, what has helped you?


I have been totally off the effexor and all anti-depressants for 2 weeks now. The dizziness is getting much better however my emotions/agitation are horrible. I cry at everything and am extremely crabby/agitated. I realize most of this has to do with the withdrawal. I really want to see this through to find out if I can live without anti-depressants but at the same time I know it's very hard on my family. I have another doctor appt beginning of April and she says that if I don't feel better by then I most likely will need to go back on an anti-depressant. For the most part I agree with her. My hopes of proving her wrong as getting slim however. I'd like to know how long it took some of you who have withdrawn from anti-depressants to feel somewhat 'normal' or you knew you had to go back on them? I guess I'm asking if another month is a good amount of time for me to determine what I should do. In some ways I feel like I should start on them again now but I'm not going there yet? BTW, I am in no way feeling suicidal. Mornings seem to be my worst time and by early evenings I feel somewhat better – is this strange too? I haven't tried the CBD living water yet but did find a place near me to get it. Just havent had the time to get there. I also have the Ativan which I take one night to help with sleep. I'm trying not to take it unless really necessary. Tomorrow I have a huge even that my husband and I are in charge of so I'm planning to take an Ativan in the morning to get me through the day without falling apart (crying scene) in front of everyone (or yelling at them) :)! Thanks for all your input!!

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Your remark about feeling worse in mornings is common. I get that too. It begins to get better as the day progresses and by evening I am feeling fine. Docs don’t seem to have an explation for this.

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Congratulations on working on ways to improve your health. I also take many supplements to help with bipolar issues and heart issues.


My autistic son has been using 18 to 1 ratio of CBD toTHC for about 9 months now. I have successfully weaned him off of Klonipin, Guanficine, and his dose of atypical antipsychotic has been reduced by more than half. I am tapering him off these psychiatric medications very slowly, one medication at a time. he now takes CBD tincture about every 4-5 hours 1 ml. His psychiatrist and a nurse practitioner very experienced with CBD has provided guidance. It really has helped with anxiety and irritability so far. I Generally he seems happier, and does not exhibit the anxious behaviors he used to have. If you do get CBD tincture make sure you obtain it from a reputable marijuana dispensary or reputable company on line. They should have a lab testing their products. INMHO it is not safe to just go but any hemp product. Quality control is still lacking with many of these products.


Some companies are selling fake CBD make sure you don't fall for their trap. Upset stomach, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal distress are not typically caused by cannabinoid oil itself, but rather by ingredients used to deliver CBD oil into the body or flaws during production.


Been on CBD oil for 7 days seems to help some but I have break through depression like today which is causing crying and nausea, have my self wrapped up in blankets fighting all this crap which has been caused from coming off Lyrica. Have a vape but it scares me I’ve never done anything like that

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I've been doing a ton of reading about the vapes(and CBD in general) to help me wean off diazapam and just wanted to share my conclusions in hope that it will help with your vape predicament. Regarding the "stigma" of vaping and the connotations it comes with, this should be the least of your worries. The whole PR campaign of "the war on drugs" against marijuana and it's derivatives(CBD) was heavily supported by the companies that created the drugs we are trying to get off… Now regarding the vaping itself, two things you need to know. 1 – Vaping is BY FAR the fastest way to get the CBD into the bloodstream, taking sometimes less than a min for you to feel, making it ideal for "extreme" moments when symptoms are peaking. It's important to note that it does not last nearly as long as the oils so take that into consideration. I take the oil once a day and have the vape on me if I feel a wave of anxiety coming on. 2 – Not all vape liquids are created equal. Just like food, try and find a vape liquid that has as little ingredients as possible. Anything with "lemonade flavor" or any flavor for that matter is a no-no. Anything with Vitamin E is an absolute NO and can be extremely dangerous.
PG(propylen-glycol) is also an ingredient worth avoiding. I hope this helps 🙂

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