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cataract surgery results

Posted by Anonymous-d857cd1b in Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat, Aug 4, 2011

I have recently had cataract surgery and am now looking though what appears to be gauze and have many many floaters. Does this improve? How soon?

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Posted by @plumbermy, Aug 23, 2011

I had my cataract surgery last week. Beside the cloudy vision that evening when I removed the pad to put the eye drops (which scared me for awhile), I am happy with the surgery. No floaters etc. Just some headache as my brian tries to get used to the 2 different visions.
Suggest to see your eye doctor.

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Posted by @lltsees, Feb 18, 2012

I've had recent cataract surgery on both eyes in December and January. I wish the eye clinic would have warned me about the headaches and dizziness related to the difference in my vision in my eyes. I would have taken some time off of work while my brain adjusted to my new vision. I have been fired because of the mistakes I made at work.

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