Big Cyber Hugs to WATCH PARTY participants Colleen and Rosemary

Posted by fiesty76 @fiesty76, Nov 19, 2019

Great opportunity to hear from and see by video Director, Collen and Vol. Mentor, Rosemary share what prompted the origination of Mayo Connect…patients' need acute need to learn more and find other patients in similar situations.

With 90,000 Connect members and over 60 groups, Mayo Connect is providing support, information and hope to patients worldwide who otherwise may have been struggling and feeling very alone and overwhelmed. Sincerest thanks to all the volunteer mentors of these fabulous groups for your welcomes to newbies and your continuing ready responses to patient posts.

I cannot express adequately the wonderful difference it made for me to find the Kidney Connect group following my diagnosis. Just knowing there were experienced "others" out there who understood and were willing to share and support gave me the hope, courage and confidence needed at the beginning of this new challenge.

Also their efforts in making sure shared information is accurate through the advice of professionals is very reassuring because it limits confusion over contradictory opinions. There is a lot of information on the web but not all can be trusted when it comes to advice. Thank you Mayo Clinic, Mayo Connect and the collective members who make this journey more doable.

Interested in more discussions like this? Go to the Kidney & Bladder Support Group.

@feisty76 Thank you for your post! All of us, members, mentors and moderators alike, are here because we want to be here, to share information we have experienced and to find answers to questions we have. It takes a team to accomplish this, and we all deserve a round of applause! It is heartening to read your positive comments!


I agree im VERY thankful for the support and countless helpful information ive been able to pass on to my mom and my dad who has just had bladder removal surgery due to cancer..


Thank you @fiesty76, @gingerw and @formydad. I wish I could move your lovely comments to the blog post with the video. For anyone wondering what we're talking about, please see this post:

– Mayo Clinic Connect featured on Mayo Clinic Radio

Connect is a vibrate, supportive and welcoming community helping thousands live better and manage their health and well being. We're all a part of that success.

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