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Do Prolia injections affect the kidneys?

Posted by @spiritbird2, Mar 30, 2016

I have been on Prolia injections for 2 years now. My kidneys were being effected by a lowering of GFR to 45. I am now on a years vacation from Prolia and GFR has increased to 50. My doctor said Prolia does not effect the kidneys. So now I am confused.


Hi @spiritbird2, and welcome to Connect. I’m Alyse, and I’m one of the community moderators here. I found some information on Prolia from Mayo Clinic that you may find helpful (

Have you talked with your pharmacist regarding the increase in your GFR? I’m also tagging @nancymc who wrote about Prolia and may have some suggestions or advice for you.

Any input yet for my Prolia question?


Any input yet for my Prolia question?

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No not yet. Thanks for asking

@spiritbird2, my mom gets Prolia shots every 6 months. It has helped her mobility enormously. Luckily she hasn’t noticed any decline in kidney function or any other side effect. I also don’t see renal function or kidney function listed as side effects on the link Alyse provided.

I, too, would be confused if my doctor took me off a drug due to a side effect and then said the drug didn’t cause that side effect. I would go back and ask more questions.

What were you taking Prolia for?

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@spiritbird2, we took your question to a pharmacist here at Mayo Clinic. She told us this:

Kidney function decline is not an adverse reaction that is listed in drug references for Prolia. However, this medication can cause a decrease in calcium (hypocalcemia), sometimes severely. The risk is greater with decreased kidney function, and health care providers are advised to use cautiously in these cases. It’s possible that the medicine didn’t cause the decrease in kidney function, but with a decreasing GFR, the doctor may be concerned that it puts you at greater risk for some of the more serious side effects of the medication.

Thank you so much. My doc does draw serum for electrolytes and Vit D within 2 weeks of Prolia injection. My calcium is usually around 9.4 in that area and do supplement both ca and Vit D. One more question If you had stage 2 or 3 kidney disease and osteoporosis which medication would you take? Thanks again

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