Length of time following kidney stone surgery and stents for bloody ur

Posted by luchy @luchy, Nov 11 3:05pm

How long does bloody urine continue following kidney stone surgery with stent placement?

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Great question! While we wait for others who have had this procedure done, can you fill us in on how long ago your surgery was, and a few more details? What has your doctor said about continued bloody urine?


Hello! I have had 3 kidney stone removal surgeries with stints. I had blood in my urine the whole time. Some was very light that was only a spear and days I walked more, my urine was like cranberry juice because the stint rubs inside your bladder. My body also rejects things, so 2 out of 3 my body was trying to unravel the top of the stint that is in my kidney to push it to my bladder by spasming. All 3 was about the same amount of blood. Hopefully that helps.


I had lithotripsy on 11/13/23 for a 6.5mm stone, urine was pink-clear by 11/14/23 am. That night it turned brownish red, and today more brown. I just messaged my urologist with a picture. Is this a normal color? Also have a lot of abdominal pain, but had TAH ten years ago.


I should mention I did NOT have a stent placed.


I had a 7mm stone requiring a stent placement because of infection for about 3 weeks. I pee'd blood and clots for about 10 days after the stent placement. I then had lithotripsy i.e. Surgeon removed stent, did lithotripsy, installed new stent which I removed 2 weeks later. Went perfect. No blood.

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