Back of knee and foot pain

Posted by 7626 @7626, Dec 4, 2016

Looking for answers for severe paint in back of left knee and foot. I have recently finished chemo for blood cancer. Pain diagnosed as gout of multiple sites. Medications prescribed have not helped

I have burning pain and numbness in my left foot and up my legs to my knee. My foot pain is amplified when I walk or stand. Gabapentin at 1600 mg daily was controlling my pain but seems to be less affective now. Last night and this morning my pain is very high. Anyone have a solution or have used a more affective medication?

Hello @7626, and welcome to Connect. Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself regarding your left knee pain and foot pain.

I am inviting @tbeckys, @rabbit10, and @tkarolick who have all discussed having gout in the past.

@7626, while we wait for other members of the community to weigh in, would you mind sharing which medications you have been prescribed that have not worked for you? Was your pain caused by the chemotherapy? Is your knee pain also diagnosed as a result from gout?

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