Autoimmune Fatigue and or Chronic Fatigue

Posted by Langold @rarelybees2889, Jan 8, 2020

Hi Wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with autoimmune fatigue and/or chronic fatigue? I was diagnosed at Mayo Clinic. I wish there was more research into both of these…

Hello @rarelybees2889, Have you seen the following discussion? You might want to post any questions you have here:

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It happens with Fibromyalgia. Also with Lyme Disease. I have one of the two and it is almost unberable to carry on a normal life! So I just change what used to be normal into a new Normal. I build my day around my rest time! If it hits out of the blue I just roll with it. This last week I had a spell and slept about 36 hours out of 48.
Hang in there!


I push myself a lot to get everything done. I am always looking for practical solutions. There is so little on this and so little research being done…


Hi, @rarelybees2889 . I had seen this post on autoimmune disease and fatigue and just knew that it related to me. I have an autoimmune disease and am tired all the time, but I just didn’t have good info. Since then I have found some good articles about autoimmune fatigue. This one is pretty scholarly, but just glide through it and look at the headings: types of fatigue, sleep and circadian rhythm, and stress. It also states that much more research needs to be done. I hope this will be interesting to you!


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@rarelybees2889 and Becky- good article! I have had autoimmune GI disease with at times fatigue so bad that I pretty much lay panting in bed. I was never really told what to do about it and it was difficult for the family to accept it. After treatment the fatigue slowly went away and with time I felt physically strong. Now only my brain gets tired!

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