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Autoimmune Fatigue and/or Chronic Fatigue

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@brown2 – I do personally know how upset you must be.
I have a son, who went through something similar twice and as a result lost of school in 6th and 10th grade.
In 6th grade he developed the extreme fatigue and dizziness/ vertigo. No final diagnosis made. He got better after what seemed like an eternity and could go back to school.
In 10th grade it started with collapsing in school. Total exhaustion probably. He was seen by a Pediatric Neurologist at our University hospital. Many tests done- normal. His gait was that of an old man. She diagnosed him with most likely Fibromyalgia, also because his older sister had been diagnosed with it.
Missed lots of school.
He eventually was referred a Pediatric Rheumatology program for children and young adults to help them manage the effects Fibromyalgia had on them. That really helped, especially learning how to get normal sleep again. With more sleep, symptoms improved.
Regarding your son’s GI issues, was he tested for Celiac disease?
Fibromyalgia often is found together with other autoimmune diseases.

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Thank you so much for contributing. He has been tested for Celiac and seen by Rheumatology and just about every other specialty at Children's. all tests come out in the "normal" range, but he is not "normal." He did not make it to the 8 min. mark on his tilt table test without passing out, but even that did not lead anyone to anything such as a diagnoses or anything to help. he doesn't have the classic pain often associated with Fibromyalgia, but the exhaustion is relentless. I just thought they would test him and find some weird syndrome with a name I had never heard of and figure out a way to help him feel better. That is not the case. It is like some weird medical mystery. Hopefully we will get somewhere one of these days. I appreciate your help : )