Ascending Aortic Dilation - Ascending Aortic Aneurysm

Posted by rory @rory, Apr 2, 2018

I was diagnosed in 2012 with ascending aorta dialation of 4.1 cm. In 2013 no change. Finally went back to dr in 2017 and echo showed 4.3 cm. 2 months later dr made me have a chest scan which read 4.5 cm. which is correct? Echo or scan? Dr wants me to have another in 6 months. Very stressful.

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After I experienced a heart attack 12 years ago(at the age of 59) the cardiac catheterization revealed a 4.5 cm aneurysm on my ascending aorta. I opted to have a graft repair and that was performed less than six months later (my heart attack was considered to be as a result of ‘broken heart syndrome’ so my recovery was fairly quick). After a few months of recovery from the surgery I was beginning to feel pretty much like my old self again. And after that other than being thankful every day I don’t need to think about this experience except to get an ECHO and/or an MRA once every couple of years.

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You didnt find out until after your heart attack that it was from broken heart syndrome? ? Could that have been prevented if the doctors checked something specific that i can suggest my dads doctor to check.
Also sorry for the circumstances that put you through all of what you have been thru.

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