Ascending Aortic Dilation - Ascending Aortic Aneurysm

Posted by rory @rory, Apr 2, 2018

I was diagnosed in 2012 with ascending aorta dialation of 4.1 cm. In 2013 no change. Finally went back to dr in 2017 and echo showed 4.3 cm. 2 months later dr made me have a chest scan which read 4.5 cm. which is correct? Echo or scan? Dr wants me to have another in 6 months. Very stressful.

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MRI or scan are the best, I prefer MRI.


Here I am posting on my own question again. I played around with my online words and got more information. The B vitamins are associated with control of aortic root growth in studies of the Marfan group, as recently as 2022. I personally want to attack this thing naturally, so I will be looking at the plethora of foods high in the B vitamins. While I do not have Marfan, it is one of the connective tissue disorders heavily associated with aneurysm, as is common knowledge. Vitamin B foods are easy to eat. So I plan to go that direction. Maybe my information search will benefit someone reading this, however clumsy I have been putting it out there.


When I was diagnosed I was told the standard was 5cm for an aneurysm. Mine was 4 and a year later while waiting for an annual check up (2 months overdue) I had an emergency aortic dissection – I was life flighted to Mayo. My aneurysm measured 4.5. I had no symptoms, no other conditions, no heart problems, no medications if any kind. I would be careful about any number you are given. Make sure you are monitored!! And closely.

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Of course that I am monitoring. My doctor told me at Beth Israel MRI every two years

Also for my other operation aortic every year MRI

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