Anyone have these symptoms? Index Finger Pain, Eye Fog, Body Jerks

Posted by jennz12 @jennz12, Jul 24, 2018

Hello back in February I start having index finger pain then I had burning and sensations in my arms and legs And every now and then my eyes would fog up, then along came body jerks and tightness around my lips and tongue and mouth I have been to two neurologists and I’ve had a brain MRI they said there is no MS one neurologist said my brain misfires the other neurologist said he doesn’t think that this is neurological problem I am trying to get to Mayo my doctor said he doesn’t know if they would except my referral beings they don’t think they could do more than what you’ve already done here but they want to send me to a specialist in South Dakota and if we don’t get no answers then they will send me to Mayo I’m a little confused and I do need some help so if anybody could please tell me if they’ve had symptoms like this or a diagnosis to something like this would be greatly appreciated thank you

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Hi @jennz12 and welcome to Connect, an online community of patients. Unfortunately, we can't provide a diagnosis. However, Mayo Clinic does specialize in complex and difficult diagnoses. You might wish to join this discussion in the Visiting Mayo Clinic group:

– Getting your first appointment


I have neuropathic itch for many years. It is itchiness and burning sensations in muscles, not skin. Seen many doctors and specialists over the years, still undiagnosed correctly. Eventually, I read about neuropathic itch suffered by those patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. They used Gabapentin (Neurontin) for relief. Therefore, I tried this drug and it finally helped me to reduce the itch significantly. Apparently, the nerve channels from peripheral to brain is the same for pain and itch. Gabapentin is also used for fibromyalgia. I suppose jennz12 can try it. Personally, I am still looking for a full cure to this neuropathic itch. Gabapentin cannot reduce it totally even though I increase the dosage until side effects kick in.

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