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Posted by amberpep @amberpep, Aug 7, 2017

I have a dear friend whose 12 year old granddaughter has lost every bit of her hair. Her hair was gorgeous, long, brown, and shiny. Then it began to fall out in clumps, until now she is bald. The doctor diagnosed her with alopecia, but something doesn’t feel right about that to me. Why would this happen to such a young person. She’s a dear, sweet, girl, very conscientious and respectful. Can anyone tell me anything about this?

@amberpep – Abby, Here is the link to alopecia by Mayo Clinic.

I have a friend at church who has been bald for years from it. I remember when he was loosing his hair due to alopecia years ago. I do not know anything ele about it except to send this information to you.

Unfortunately, health conditions can come upon any of us, even sweet little girls. I was once a sweet little girl (that’s what my mom said) and at 12 years of age I had beautiful almost black curly hair that was beginning to turn gray. It developed into a silvery streak that I hated. Now I am completely silver. And now I like it.

@rosemarya Rosemary, I am sure you were a sweet little girl. You started turning grey that young! My sister did in HS and she is quite white now. I love the look of white hair, and it looks good on her. I’m not sure color you would call my hair now, only my hair dresser knows for sure. My husband, my daughter and I all consider me to still be a redhead but I think that’s a stretch. I started losing some hair recently but when I started taking biotin it really helped I think. My hair is sort of thin so I can’t afford to lose what I have.


Hi @amberpep,

Here’s some information about hair loss in children, from the American Hair Loss Association:

Is your friend’s granddaughter on any medication, or has she had any recent illness?

Hi … No, as far as I know she isn’t on any medications. She’s very bright and does not allow herself any slack at all … high stress. I don’t know if stress can make this worse or not, but it’s sad for a girl her age …. right before puberty. Her parents have gotten her a natural hair wig, but it’s not the same.

Hi @amberpep,

How is your friend’s granddaughter doing?

Hi there …. thanks for thinking of her. She’s the same. She either goes to school totally bald or wears the real hair wig her parents got her. She is an extremely conscientious little girl …… far beyond her 13 years. Neither of her parents are real sharp and (I’m just hypothesizing here) I can imagine her folks telling her if she wanted to go to college she better be sure to get a scholarship because they couldn’t pay for it. I don’t know that, obviously, but she puts herself under so much stress that I can imagine it could be at least part of this. Everything she does, she does perfectly.

Amber, I'm so sorry to hear about your friends daughter. I have suffered with alopecia since I was 17 years old, I am 64 now. Fortunately, I have only ever lost it in small clumps, about the size of a quarter. In beginning, I use to get cortisone shots all around the affected area. By the 5 time I had it, I decided to just wait it out and let it grow back in it's own time – which took about 6 months. Once doctor attributed it to stress, another said auto immune. What I do know, is that every time I had a reoccurrence, it was during an extremely stressful situation in my life. I hadn't had an episode for about 18 years, but did have another recently, a my hair wasn't growing back. I thought perhaps there may be new information and treatments so I went to U Penn to see their dermatologists, but there is no new information and they still don't know definitively why it happens. This time however it took a series of 8 injections about a month apart.

I will pray for your friends daughter.

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