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Pediatric Alopecia

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I have a almost 2 yr old grandson who was diagnosed with Alopecia. He has one circular bald spot on top of head. Doctor wants to start him on a ointment usually prescribed for 12 and up, Clobetasol 0.05%. My daughter will hold off on this until sees a pediatric derm in Sept.
Of interest is that he is a twin, sister also has very thin hair. My daughter was told this may be a result of her thyroid condition. Wondering if anyone has any experience in this disease with children. Thank you in advance.

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Hello @collierga, You will noticed we moved your post to the following existing discussion – Pediatric Alopecia where you can meet other members who have shared their experiences. If you click the VIEW & REPLY button at the bottom of the email notification it will take you to the discussion where you can read and ask other questions you may have. I did find an article from 2019 you may find helpful.

Pediatric Alopecia Areata: What Is Known and What Is New:

Are you able to share why your daughter thinks it might be a result of her thyroid condition?

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