18 month old with recurrent viral infections

Posted by bac10 @bac10, May 20, 2018

18 month old daughter with 25+ infections/recurrent fevers. 6 ear infections with PE tubes placed at 6 months, hand foot and mouth a few weeks after tubes, rsv, and flu. More recently illnesses have look like high temperatures (102-105.6) with runny nose/congestion sometimes but more often no other symptoms. Every time she is brought to the doctor or these episodes they always run the normal RSV, Strep, and Influenza A/B tests… all are ALWAYS negative. Episodes were every 2-3 weeks and are now every 10 days on the dot. During high fever episodes she is lethargic, shaky, miserable, moans and just wants to be held or sleep. It is a blessing that she has not had febrile seizures. Temps come down to low 100s with tylenol and motrin. X-ray of sinuses showed sinus infection, which we thought we had the answer but two weeks exactly she was sick again with her typical temps.

For example, since April 1st she was hospitalized for a week with adenovirus. In the hospital chest x-ray showed probable pneumonia and prior to d/c CT (yes CT on an 18 month old) was done and showed that her sinuses are clear. Ultrasound of her kidneys and bladder completed in the hospital which looked fine. Urine samples did not grow anything so UTIs are ruled out. Following discharge, she had croup two weeks later while on antibiotics, two days after croup she had an ear infection, two weeks after ear infection she had five days of unexplained fevers (tested negative for RSV, Influenza A/B and strep), two days after fever broke she threw up six times and then slept for 14 hours straight. Ten days after throwing up she spiked her normal 104 temperature, green snotty nose (she has had a runny/snotty nose for a few days). Has a peanut allergy, irrigate nose at night and has a prescribed nasal spray am/pm and on montelukast.

She been to two different immunologists as well as a rheumatologist. Blood panels recently done and showed ANA- 1:160, elevated CRP levels and that she is anemic (she eats a lot of meat but I know it is common). Immunology has ruled out immunodeficiency’s and rheumatology has ruled out autoimmune disorders. Both refer us back to the other or say she is “normal”. We do not feel like we are getting answers as to why she is getting so ill so frequently and routine.

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You mentioned that your daughter had bronchitis, and I encourage you to read this Mayo Clinic information about a very similar condition that can occur in very young children – Bronchiolitis. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/bronchiolitis/symptoms-causes/syc-20351565
"Bronchiolitis starts out with symptoms similar to those of a common cold but then progresses to coughing, wheezing and sometimes difficulty breathing. Symptoms of bronchiolitis can last for several days to weeks, even a month.”

Has she been seen by a doctor, @maruchan0317? Are there any medications or other remedies that you’ve tried to help with the cough?


I'm sure this has been discussed (many times) but I wanted to get some concrete experiences from others. This is our first child. My wife slowly winded down breastfeeding because she has gone back to work. We traveled to Italy in Sept and she got a lil sick for about 2 days while there. She seemed to be OK. Then about 4 days later she developed a cold which led to Bronchitis. Basically she has been on/off sick since this time. I dont think she has gone more than 1week without having something. She just got over having a fever for 4 days yesterday and now since yesterday night, she is coughing pretty hard that it affected her sleep. The coughing continued this morning to the point that she threw up a little bit. She has never been to daycare. I know her immune system is probably just reacting but I am a concerned parent. Outside of letting her immune system develop is there something else I should be worried about? Has anyone had their child be continually sick, getting over one cold or type of virus and no sooner have something return or something new come up? And we clean but not anything more than what you would do normally. We haven't got to the point where we have though, well maybe we should clean everyday or more often.

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@maruchan0317 – how old is your child? Is she up to date with immunizations?
Traveling exposes everyone to many illnesses, especially in a foreign country that may not use same immunizations as we do. One example is whooping cough. At times a regular cold lingers and can turn into a secondary infection in ears, sinuses or chest. Having a fever for 4 days is cause for a visit with the pediatrician.


You might want to research auto inflammatory diseases. My grandson seem to be routinely sick and pediatrician would say viral. Thank goodness his parents kept questioning that as it turns out he has an autoinflammatory disease called Familial Mediterranean Fever which was determined by genetic testing.

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