My experience with zonisamide for seizures (a sulfa drug)

Posted by lsittll @lsittll, Apr 12 10:06pm

I have uncontrolled seizures for 53 years. I have taken almost every medication possible. I almost died from a rare side effect of a newer drug. My doctor is very understanding about this. She has added zonisamide to the Lamcital and Depakote I take. It has done miracles! What once was 6 or 8 seizures monthly is now 1 a month. Zonisamide (a sulfa drug) for seizures?

Hello @lsittll

How wonderful that you found a drug that would help seizures! You must be thrilled after dealing with this disorder for over 50 years. It really is quite amazing that a sulfa drug could help so much.

I found an article on the Epilepsy Foundation website about Zonisamide for those who might be interested in learning more. Here is the link,

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I'm tagging fellow members @lady35 @dhramsey @lmcquade and @searching71, who will be interested in your experience with zonisamide (Zonegran),

@lsittll, how long have you been taking the combination of Lamcital, Depakote and zonisamide? Any side effects?


I started taking zonisamide approximately one year ago. It was added to the combination of Depakote and lamotrigine that I had already been taking. I have not had any side effects.

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