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I am sorry to hear the doctor is no help at all. Unfortunately that is how some of them are. I have taken lamictal for about fifteen years. I am on a hefty dose of 350mg daily. I have never noticed any side effects with it. The only potential side effect of it is a rash. Depakote I have taken for about fifty years. It can cause drowsiness. The only negative side effect I have found with it is it makes dieting a great challenge. The best of luck.

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I noticed your message about taking depakote for 5o years. My son has been on depakote for around 12 and the past few years he is having a heard time retaining info. About a year ago he started a plumbing apprenticeship and is really noticing that he is unable to obtain any information. He forgets really easily like what he did the day before and his ocd has gotten really bad. At first I thought it was adult add but after reading about depakote I am thinking maybe its the medicine. Have you ever experienced any of this. We get nowhere with the doctor. His primary care doctor proscribed prozac?? and his nero just kind of ignores it?? Anyhow any info on this will help. Maybe its time to switch siezure med?