Transplant anti-rejection medications. What's your advice?

Posted by jolinda @jolinda, Apr 23, 2020

Weight gain? Hair loss? Headaches? Never missed a beat? What has your experience with transplant medications been? Have you developed a methods to deal with a side-effect? Have your meds changed at all over time? What advice do you have for others in our community that may make their experience better?

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Hi! Thank you for starting this discussion. The weirdest effect I’m having is nocturia, which apparently can be a side effect of the Tacrolimus. I haven’t slept through the night in the two months since transplant since I have to go to the bathroom four times a night, even if I stop drinking at 6:00pm. Any one else have that problem? Does it get better?

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Yes it does get better. I couldn't sleep well until they lowered Tac level. I started with sleep study. I think u r too close to transplant. Sleep nap whatever it takes to heal ur body. U will have sleep. I do breathing exercises before bed to lower my heart rate.

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