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womens heart health

Posted by @sickamptired in Women's Health, May 23, 2012

I'm a new member and have all the symptoms of heart attack,yet my cardiologist says no. I have EKGS done April13 2012 that showed definate heart attack but my cardiologist says that since he did an arteriogram in january its impossible since I only had a 1% blockage.He says there is no way I could have an attack that quickly.from SICK&TIRED

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Posted by @evary, May 23, 2012

I just had a stress test and cardiologist said results indicate I have a possible blockage but could be a false positive. Anyone else experience this? Nothing else is being done at this point because he says I'm a very low risk, only in my 40s, slim, no cholesterol issues ...


Posted by @annp, May 25, 2012

i was diagnosed with a 90% blockage of the R distal coronary at age 45. I was placed on medication. Since the blockage was so distal that was the correct treatment. in 1995 I was diagnosed with SLE .In 1999 after spending 3 days in the hospital and numerous test for chest pain was released. I was back in the ER on Friday evening with severe chest pain and suffered a cardiac and resp arrest. I had a negative stress while I was in the first hospitalizaation. Women do not have the same kind of symptoms as men. This was considered a man's disease until recent years. My suggestion after saying all that, is If you are not satisfied with the diagnosis and have not had an angiogram done find another Dr. and get another opinion.

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Posted by @evary, May 25, 2012

THanks for your reply. Did you have any of the typical risk factors such as high cholesterol, family history, or being overweight? I am only 42 and have none of these risk factors.


Posted by @sickamptired, May 26, 2012

yes.I am diabetic and have all the risk factors. Thats why I can not understand why my doctor is so unconcerned. SICK &TIRED


Posted by @sickamptired, May 26, 2012

I plan to find another doctor. Something is definately making me have so many abnormal ekgs. Sick &Tired

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