When should your PCO start treatment if your CAT scan was taken at as

Posted by jillsart @jillsart, Jan 7, 2020

My CAT scan was taken at an ER Hopital while out of town in Sept.of 2019. My PCP doctor has read the report but has yet to start any antibiotic treatment and I continue to get sicker and sicker. I am 71 and can't stand much more of the flem thick enough to use as glue between two bricks and I am so tired I simply can't stay awake. What should I do?

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Has your doctor talked to you about treatment options?


@jillsart Your post brings many questions to mind. What is your specific diagnosis? Have sputum culture been done to determine what bacteria is causing your illness? Have you seen a lung doc or infectious disease specialist? Bronchiectasis and the infections that come with it can be frustrating and difficult to manage, and usually are best done by a doc who specializes. Do you have a choice in what physician you see? And where are you located, it is possible someone in the group can recommend someone to you. Sue


@jillsart how frustrating for you. 3 months is a long time to wait for direction. The best I've learned from this group is we need to be proactive and sometimes aggressive in getting answers for our treatment. First, if it were me, I would want (ask for/sign release for) my own copy of the CT disc and radiology report, that way its handy if you walk into another physicians office. Plus, you want to know for yourself exactly what it says. Call or stop by your primary doc's and ask him/her to talk to you about the findings. Ask if he/she has had experience with whatever your CT report says and if not, make a referral to a lung specialist ASAP. Check w your insurance. I don't need referrals, maybe you too can make that appointment yourself. Somewhere along the line, and soon, a sputum sample will be needed to test for bacteria.
Depending on your location, it may prove a challenge to find a doc who is knowledgeable about your condition, but a simple sputum CAN reveal if you have MAC/MAI.
I know you're tired but if you can get going on some phone calls you will feel more in charge of your health.
Tell us where you are, someone may suggest to you a doc they use.
Praying for courage and answers.


That is excellent advice Margie. I have learned to advocate for myself because of this site and have recently become an advocate for my husband with his sarcoidosis. We need to always have our CD’s plus all medical notes in our possession. Katherine (our original mentor) said that and encouraged us to advocate for ourselves. I am trying to teach a few of my more hesitant and quiet children that lesson as well. I hope @jillsart will be encouraged by you and Sue. (Irene5)

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