What is the recovery like following septal myectomy?

Posted by quinn @quinn, Mar 17, 2016

What is the recovery like following septal myectomy?


Hello, Everyone!

My name is Steve. I am 52 years old. I was diagnosed with HCM in my twenties. I was asymptomatic until I was 39 when I experienced an episode of Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy in the early course of my divorce from my first wife. I was prescribed a small dose beta-blockers and enjoyed the relief I felt from them. My semi-annual tests were routinely the same for over a decade, so much so that I was certain the disease had stopped progressing. I could and did walk long distances, hike, swim and bicycle as long as the inclines were not too great.

2 years ago my numbers bumped up – the measured LVO gradient increased by 20mm each year, and I've experienced increasing symptoms of s.o.b. and angina in spite of increasing medication 3 fold. I have two separate cardiologists with two separate opinions. One of them referred me to Mayo Clinic and my case was accepted by Dr. Nishimura.

Two weeks ago, I traveled to Mayo Clinic in Rochester for 3 day evaluation. My diagnosis of HOCM was confirmed and I am an "excellent candidate for septal myectomy". I found the care at Mayo Clinic, every step of the way, to be exceptional. I have had the privilege of also being served well in California at Stanford Medical Clinic and Mayo Clinic is a full class beyond. The tests were comprehensive and only applied as necessary. The attention to detail was consistent and pervasive. Empathy and positive attitudes were the norm.

I am scheduled for septal myectomy at Mayo Clinic with Dr. Crestanello on August 14th. I have compiled a list of suggestions to improve outcome. This forum has been very helpful and I want to thank those who have shared their stories.

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Hi @shatro,

I hope the surgery went well; are you able to share a few details about the septal myectomy? I look forward to hearing from you.


I had an Extended Septal Myectomy and excision of Papillary muscle. Was SUPPOSE to start Rehab within 2 weeks but could not get in until 7 weeks. Now I'm finding the Rehab Center can't get a clear answer on if Medicare will cover it. Has anyone had this and have any issues with Medicare? I did leave a message to see my heart dr can get anything going but I don't think I'll hold my breath.

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