Vivaer nasal valve remodeling and Empty Nose Syndrome?

Posted by warpedtrekker @warpedtrekker, Nov 21, 2018

Has anyone had Vivaer procedure? I'm concerned about Empty Nose Syndrome but my doctor claims that only occurs with removing or shrinking turbinates. Doesn't the vivaer procedure also affect turbinates?

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Hello group!

I have been expiriencing some very odd symptoms and will try to keep it condensed. In 2014 I had a turbinate reduction(no turbinates were completely removed thankfully) and a septoplasty due to my constant stuffyness and smothered feeling upon waking up. About two years go by and my stuffiness apears the same and also noticing that I feel much more winded when doing activities. Fast forward to july 2018 and I had my first ever anxiety/panic attack. When this occured I felt numbness in certain parts of my body which most of these symptoms are gone. The most notable symptoms that still carry on are these episodes of breathlessness upon simple exertion such as walking/moving fast paced, moving objects over 10 lbs, or pushing my laundry basket, going from low to high altitudes. Also speaking more then a minute causes a pressure breathlessness sensation near my pharynx.It is to the point where I had to leave my job due to the distressing feeling of passing out or running out of breath. I was cleared of any lung or asthma problems and heart apeared healthy from the tests and ct scans done.I am also relatively healthy and try to eat as clean as possible, bit have left out cardio due to my concerns. Ive seen 3 ent specialists and have cleared me of anything out of the ordinary.

What I am wondering is if by any chance a side effect from the turbinate surgery 4 years back could have altered any inhale signaling to the brain or nervous system. I know this could be over thinking but I have been expiriencing several symptoms related to ENS syndrome or empty nose syndrome which correlates to sensations of breathlessness, dry nose(as I have most of the time) and intermittent loss of sensation of air when inhaling through nose(usually when its too hot/humid or too cold). Again these symptoms all seemed to have come after my apparent anxiety attack and Still scratching my head in the sense if these symptoms are anxiety induced or complications of the surgery which I did not feel anything unsual until recent other than dryness and post nasal drip feeling since then.

Any suggestions or input would be
Greatly appreciated!

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Well I can relate most of your symptoms as I also suffered episodes of panic attack but I can say for sure that I was already experiencing the empty nose syndrome on one nostril after a terrible sneeze.I can’t speak for a full minute without stopping to get some air and I paused my life just to understand what exactly is happening.Since you posting from 2018 am hoping you have any updates as am really tired.


I had the Vivaer Procedure done one year ago this month. I can now breathe perfectly and would recommend this procedure to everyone. I use to sleep in a pretzel position or sleeping almost upright in my recliner chair. I slept with my mouth open and snored before the procedure. The procedure took less that 1/2 hour and I immediately was able to breathe. There was a 2 week healing process which was slightly uncomfortable but nothing worse than before the procedure. The Avaer procedure has altered my life in making me able to function during the day and sleep peacefully during the night.

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Hi there I’m wondering what kind of symptoms you felt? My ENT wants me to have this procedure done but I’m afraid it won’t help. I feel like I can’t take a deep breath and often yawn to help. Did you experience any of that?


@hollyhedge1-Hi. I know this question wasn’t asked directly to me. And I have not had this procedure. But perhaps I can help/shed some light, with a little more info.

•Why does this ENT “want” you to have this done?
•What diagnostic tests has this ENT performed?
•If this is just because you can’t take a deep breathe, what are your other issues?
•Is it your nasal airway that has been confirmed to not be getting air in or out?
•Do you sleep through the night?
•Have you had atleast 2-3 other opinions?
•Be very careful when someone else who’s had it done says that it has worked for them and it is great. That may be true. But with the upper respiratory system and anatomy being so unique, you have no way to tell why exactly this procedure was performed on another person.
In fact I think it is quite careless for anyone to ever recommend a procedure to everyone, based off of their own individual outcome. Bodies are too unique and programmed too differently.

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