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@marychickadee-thank you for being very open about your sons situation. It’s the only way to make people aware. While I realize people come to the Mayo Clinic site thinking doctors are the solution for everything, it is so important to educate how they are also not the solution as well. I can not believe what I have learned about the ENT surgical practice/procedures. They do not educate their patients because if they truly did, no patient would opp for surgery. I had a very prestigious well known ENT that they are 50 years behind cardiology in understanding how the nose truly works. The nose is an entire organ system. If more people understood that they are having an organ cut into, which contributes to every function in the body, they would think twice before allowing someone to cut into them. I also had an ENT tell me that it is very rare that anyone who ends up at an ENT appt ever should have a surgery recommended, he stated 10%, in fact.
They don’t discuss how badly you will suffer when scar tissue develops. Well scarring happens with every type of cut into the body. If scars develop in your breathing pathway, it is so detrimental to your health. And they obviously don’t even acknowledge ENS because they would lose their main source of income. I was referred to a Neurologist post surgery and I was told by the Neuro herself “you have no idea how many patients I see after an ENT surgery because they have no idea about the nerves in the nose or the pain they cause”. These surgeries are the largest amount performed in the U.S. out of all surgeries, due to how they are presented as “simple minimally invasive procedures”. They don’t even use the word surgery which is their way of making it sound simple. All surgery is a trauma to the body, especially your breathing system. Everyone needs to be made aware of the facts.

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you are so right. Turbinate reduction is a huge money maker. So many people hurt, many young.

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