Vicious GI circle

Posted by macspouse @macspouse, Nov 27, 2017

As a MAC spouse (2nd time around), I’ve been struck by the vicious circle of this disease: the patient has no appetite, therefore eats little, and the total amount is not enough to encourage peristalsis, so to add to everything else, the poor patient ha varying degrees of constipation, which drives everyone nuts. It doesn’t seem fair (understatement).
I’ve been having my MACspouse take all of his meds with ice cream, the highest fat content available. Every little bit helps.

@macspouse, Yeah, that is a tough one. Have you discussed this with his doctor? Is the constipation temporary or perhaps due to other medications? Sometimes meds will cause that, especially pain meds. If you suspect meds, maybe his dr. can prescribe something different. Is it possible that he is dehydrated? (I was hospitalized for dehydration a year ago, the I.V. drip made me feel a whole lot better) If you suspect that, have him eat juicy fruits and soups. to add more liquid in his diet. I went through a period of no appetite and lost 22 lbs because I had an active infection mac/pseudomonas. I drank lots of extra strength Ensure and made protein smoothies. People with lung disease need extra calories. We burn 10 more calories than healthy people do. This is because it takes more effort to breathe and energy gets burned due to coughing as well. You can add powdered protein to ice cream and make a calorie packed shake. Has your doctor ever had a swallow test done on him? You can look at @nick52‘s posts. She discovered that she had a swallowing problem that likely caused her bronchiectasis. Let us know how he is doing and please tell him I am thinking of him and wish him the best.

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