Varicose veins and foot edema

Posted by zeppo @zeppo, Aug 20 5:03pm

All ultrasounds and lab work are negative. Still having some mild edema in my feet. Internist suggested compression stockings and increase liquids. Due to see a vascular Dr next. I always wear compression stockings when I travel. Any comments appreciated.

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Hello @zeppo. I am not sure what ultrasounds and lab work you've had done, however, did this come on suddenly or have you had edema for some time? Did your doctor(s) check both your heart and lungs?


My doctors are guiding me through managing my blood flow and it started with compression socks, drinking water and activity. They did brachial ultrasounds of my wrists and ankles to see how blood was flowing through those areas. Is that the test you had done? It has been a tremendous balancing act. I literally had to sip water all the time and maintain a consistent activity level that went back and forth between rest, compression socks, etc. and moving my body. A sore on one of my feet that would not heal eventually has and I discontinued needing the socks. I am not completely understanding what is happening with me so not sure if you are dealing with the same thing or not. I do know that there is nothing harmful about keeping our bodies hydrated and being as activity as we can? My doctors tell me, “this is a marathon”.


I too, have those problems and the Vascular dept wanted me to wear 20-30 mmHG compression stockings, (Amazon has great selections and varying $ compared to the Rx $$ which is double), and drinking water is very important becuz it reduces the edema and swelling, and finally, you must walk and move around to improve circulation. Our bodies are 70% water and to keep it healthy you must drink water.
I live in a dry climate, Colorado, and weigh about 200 lbs so I drink about 10-12 glasses of water a day.
[A glass is 8 ounces.] If I go bike riding or golfing, I'll consume another 20-30 oz.
I hope this helps you.

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