Anyone have Vagus nerve problems causing strange, unnerving symptoms?

Posted by joannemm34293 @joannemm30809, Mar 23 4:58am

Does anyone else have debilitating symptoms that affects the entire body, especially in the morning hours, and my Arrhythmia Dr told me I have Vagus Nerve malfunctions that causes major issues where my heart goes off beat, I have to continually use the bathroom and I get an overall body feeling of just feel sick, rush of nausea etc.

I still have the overall muscle twitching and strange internal vibrations as well as tinnitus and thumping sounds in my right ear.

Does anyone else have Vagus nerve problems that cause strange, unnerving symptoms??

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Thank you for your input. I generally feel it coming on but really don’t have time to react before i pass out. The last time I passed out had no warning at all. All I remember is coming too and staring at my baseboard molding. Once again, thank you for your input..


I was diagnosed with Vasovagal Syncope about 25 years ago. It took several episodes of passing out because my blood pressure would suddenly bottom out. Then I would get Tachycardia trying to stabilize. After trying a few Betablockers I am on the correct one and have been doing great.


At age of around 57 I worked in a potato field and got very hot late in afternoon. I drank some very cold Gator-aid and my heart started to race and felt like it was flip flopping in my chest. Doctor said it was the cold fluid acting against my Vegus nerve. After two more times I stopped drinking anything cold and problem has not returned other than the discovery of a severe Myocardial Bridge of the LAD artery 20 years later.

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