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I hate being ill, I hate pain. For the past couple of days, I have felt these as a result of another vaccine that I needed to have. And I need one more of those. I'm not happy, But I knew, from friends, that the disease was much more painful than the vaccine side effects.

If I want to help stop COVID-19 then I have to go by the rules and get 2 shots, despite the side effects. And, I can't get COVID-19. It will most likely kill me. Being a lung cancer survivor and 74 years old I don't want COVID.

When I heard that vaccines would soon be available against COVID-19 I was concerned, about how long it would take to get to the public, and if they will be safe. I wondered if they would be free, as has been stated, and if there would be side effects, and if enough people will get them so that we can get rid of the virus.

This is the first that I have seen an article concerning possible side effects. I kind of knew that there would be side effects that would be like a mild form of COVID. And this is what I read:
I guess that I will have to wait to see if it works and is safe. But meanwhile, I still have a lot of questions that maybe haven't formed yet. Do you?


Had a confirmed appt. with Mayo Jax. They told me they will reschedule as soon as they get vaccine. Does your info apply to me? I am in our State Lottery too.

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The info above applies to the State of Minnesota, where @migizii and I reside. For information about your state, see this discussion:
For info about Mayo specifically, do what your clinic instructs – providers are notifying their patients as quickly as they can.

Please note that there is a severe shortage of vaccine in many areas right now, and the situation changes daily. This is to be expected with a complex rollout of a new vaccine to 300 million people in the US and billions world-wide. The supply will catch up as more vaccines are approved and manufacturing ramps up.



"In reply to @sueinmn "For MINNESOTA, here is the information about who will be vaccinated:…" + (show)
I thought our state adopted the federal CDC 65+ guidelines?"
You will see I have replied to to your question under the more general discussion "Vaccines" – where it seems to fit better.

Minnesota, like other states who widened or planned to widen their guidelines to those 65+ were under the impression they could get more vaccine doses from the Federal supply, but when they requested more, they were told all available doses had been distributed. That caused a lot of concern. In states that had already increased availability, some mass vaccination sites ran out of vaccine. In other places, there is now concern about being able to provide second doses on schedule.

In Minnesota, only about 85% of the vaccines that were supposed to be delivered by now have been received. Now, the Department of Health is trying to find out if they need to hold back vaccine to assure timely second doses or if they can safely distribute all they have on hand. They expect to be able to make an announcement later this week.

All of this is, of course, complicated by the change in administration this week, and that fact that a lot of the vaccine is manufactured outside the US.

I know it is HARD, but we must all continue to practice the CDC Guidelines to mask, distance, wash hands and quarantine until it is our turn.
Stay Safe!

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Thank you for the information…it is harder to be patient as I hear, occasionally, as wealthy companies (even in my town), are buying their own vaccines to administer to their employees while people without connections (due to forced covid retirement from an educational system-health related) sit and wait and wait and probably wait some more…..I’m trying


@migizii – In case you missed the announcement, there are 12,000 vaccine doses being made available to those over 65 through community vaccine clinics. (Of course, there are a million of us who would like the shots…) Here is the link to the info:
As of today, the appointments must be made by phone at 612-426-7230 or toll free at 833-431-2053.

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Thanks Sue….I didn’t hear about it until late, but the closest site was a ninety minute drive one way and I knew chances were extremely low to get in given half the doses were going to people in the education systems. Maybe once another rebound or two of vaccines arrive, I may have a chance or they set up a site closer. 😊

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