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Posted by Sue, Volunteer Mentor @sueinmn, Jan 16, 2021

We are all anxious to get both doses of our vaccines and to be able to resume our lives. In the past year, it’s astonishing to think that our medical professionals, scientists, and researchers have done absolutely amazing things! Almost immediately, researchers around the world were redirected from ongoing projects to Covid-19 projects. They isolated and gene-sequenced the virus with unprecedented speed. They have figured out how to manage the worst stages of the disease, with medications old and new, as well as basic medical care practices and many modifications of standard care. They have found ways we can safeguard ourselves and each other with masks, frequent handwashing, social distancing, isolation & quarantine. Most astonishing of all, multiple successful vaccines were developed and brought to market in less than 8 months! This is a task that usually takes at least 4 years – remember it took 23 years to develop the first polio vaccine. Enough vaccines need to be manufactured to cover two doses for about 333 million people in the US alone. That’s 666 million doses, distributed on time and safely. This is a colossal undertaking. And as we see now distribution is not perfect. The current information about US national distribution of vaccines can be found here:

Each country has developed its own plan for distribution. Since Mayo Connect members are from all the US states and Canadian provinces, as well as a number of foreign countries, we can only provide general information. Within the US, the CDC made recommendations but pushed the responsibility for delivery and final rules and inoculations down to each state. Canada has it’s own vaccine distribution plan, as do other countries. State health delivery varies, so some departments of health made uniform rules and are overseeing distribution, others pushed both final rulemaking and distribution down to their counties. We are offering a place for you to help us provide specific information to help others find out when they may expect to be able to get the vaccine.

We request that you publish only a link to your local government-sponsored site. This is important because the information is being updated either daily or weekly as priorities and supplies change. See the post below for the suggested format.

It is important to remember that this is done by a variety of localities, and there are differences in priorities and the number of staff available to do the injections.

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This thread is for links to credible websites only and not for conversation. Feel free to add links for your region. If you wish to talk about your experience with the COVID vaccine or ask members questions, join the conversation here: COVID-19 Support Group.

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For MINNESOTA, here is the information about who will be vaccinated:
And here is the "dashboard" telling how many people are being immunized day-by-day and how much vaccine is available:
Minnesotans PLEASE NOTE – On Monday, January 18th, the governor announced opening of vaccine eligibility to all Minnesotans 65 and over and the opening of 5 community vaccination sites – a very hopeful sign. Here is the link, the phone lines open at noon, Jan 19th.
BUT there are over 1,000,000 people now seeking vaccine, and 12,000 doses are being set aside – only enough to inject 1.2% of them. That means a lot of competition until more vaccine is received. Patience is still needed.



TO FIND INFORMATION FOR YOUR LOCATION, simply do a Google search, for example "Covid vaccine Ontario" and look at each website until you find one that seems to have clear, current information about vaccine priorities for your locale, and maybe even schedules. Then copy the URL for the site and paste it information into a post here. Thanks for your help in creating this resource.


This calculator estimates where you are in the queue to receive a COVID vaccine in Canada if all vaccines are approved on schedule and there are no delays. It is based on the national guidelines priority list released by the Canadian government.
Each Canadian province and territory is responsible for interpreting the guidelines. Visit your provincial website for the latest updates and rollout plan specific to your province. See the links in this complete list:


For FLORIDA, contact your local health department to determine whether you can get a vaccine

You can follow updates about the vaccine’s availability for various groups on the Florida Department of Health’s COVID-19 vaccine website here.
Or text “FLCOVID19” to 888777 to learn more about the governor’s distribution plan.


Thank you to members who reported that the link to the NBC Covid tracker was incorrect in the original message of this thread. It has been corrected.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is also tracking COVID vaccination across the US both nationally and by state. You can also see which vaccines have been administered and how many people have received one dose vs two doses and much more.

– COVID-19 Vaccinations in the United States​


Vaccine information for COLORADANS can be found at the Public Health Department of Colorado website here


click on "County Vaccine Information for each county", select a county, then click on "make an appointment":


Link for Covid Vaccinations Registration in NEW JERSEY:

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