Unidentified abdominal pain

Posted by singlemom86 @singlemom86, Sep 18 1:33am

I wasnt sure where to ask this, but I've had severe abdominal pain for 16 years. Pain radiating from my back all the way around and sharp upper right abdomen pain. Lasted a few hours-a day for 16 years a couple times a year. Then recently i had an episode that went off and on for two weeks straight. Now when it happens theres pressure all around my abdomen and back, and sharp pains randomly around my torso, no sharp pain felt when they push on my abdomen, all blood and urine tests good, xray and ultrasound show nothing. Doesnt seem to be linked to eating seems to happen at random. Anyone experienced anything like this?

@singlemom86 Hello and welcome to Connect. Have you heard about pain from tightness in the fascia? Our bodies can develop tight patterns from our habits or injuries or surgical scars and then not be able to move properly from fascial restrictions and it causes pain and compression of tissues or nerves. My physical therapist treats me for this with myofacial release therapy. You can find a lot of information in our discussion about myofascial release and a provider search on the myofascialrelease.com website. You will need a therapist trained in these special techniques, and you can do therapy without knowing the exact source of the problem. The therapist can feel where the tissue restrictions are in the body with their hands. It sounds like you have discussed this with your doctor with no answers. Some doctors embrace MFR therapy and others don't know about it. I have done MFR a lot of years and it has helped me. There are other members here who also utilize this therapy. It helps by releasing tight tissue, realigning the body and allowing circulation to improve to take away stored waste products.


Hard to give medical advice, but I had undiagnosed gallbladder problems for years. One day ended up in ER a couple hours after eating breakfast at restaurant that was extremely greasy. Gallstone attach can mimic heart problems and ER checked out heart. No ultra scan was done in ER because they were concern about heart. Heart showed no problems and pain went away, so sent home. Follow up with primary dr and no answer. Next time had attach, got in to see dr while it pain and turned out to be gallstones. Had gallbladder removed and no more attacks.

My understanding is it is hard to diagnosis gallstones unless seen while having a attack.

Good luck


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