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Unidentified abdominal pain

Women's Health | Last Active: May 25, 2022 | Replies (14)

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I’ve been having upper abdominal pain since August and I have yet to figure out why. The pain alternates from upper left side to upper right side. The pain comes and goes throughout the day and sometimes radiates to my upper back. The pain is a crampy stabbing type of pain. Food doesn’t make worse normally. I’ve also had significant weight loss this year I have loss 23 lbs unintentionally. I’ve had an upper scope and colonoscopy done both were normal. CT scan in September was normal. I recently had a duplex ultrasound done which showed possible median arcuate ligament syndrome but it also showed stenosis in the celiac and super mesentery artery. I’m waiting to get a ct angiogram done. Any advice because the pain is starting to get worse and I don’t what else to do. I’ve also had my gallbladder out 6 years ago.

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Hi @amm97, I wanted to add your post to this discussion so you could see that others have had the same abdominal issue with undiagnosed pain. So I have read some of your other post and you had stated that this first started as chest pain and now it has moved to abdominal pain with it radiating to your back at times, is that correct?
Do you have any other digestive issues like loose stool, vomiting, or some sort of resent trauma?