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Unidentified abdominal pain

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I've been having constant upper abdominal pain, and left flank pain for over 6 months now. I've had numerous CT scans done and even a colonoscopy. Nothing has been found. The pain is pretty persistent and feels as though someone is wringing my organs out like a washcloth. No pain medication seems to help, and not even morphine from when i was in the hospital. The only thing they have found was that there is blood in the urine, and my liapse levels have been increasing. They sent me home from hospital with my liapse levels at 388. I was reffered to a urologist and the urologist did an ultrasound and seen nothing wrong with bladder or kidneys, but my OBGYN now says my testosterone is raised due to having PCOS. Im 25 years old and im living in constant pain that no one seems to care about. The only thing they tell me is that is GI related because i have a problem with impaction, but this is far from that type of pain. This pain hovers below and in my rib cage, and wraps around like a band its very sharp and stabby feeling. Sleeping at night is a nuisance because no matter how I lay it causes the pains ive tried propping myself up, and sleeping with numerous pillows. What could be going on? And what should be my next step? Please help.

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That is so interesting, I have had right flank pain and stomach pains almost like toothache for months.
Doctor ordered an ultra sound of my abdomen nothing, CT nothing. It was so bad that I went to ER they did blood tests, CT and urine tests, nothing. The doctor said maybe it was internal shingles and put me on prednisone. Helped for a few days then it came back.
I knew it wasn’t shingles because I have had them before. So I went to my oncologist his response was that all the tests looked good and I should get my chest CT in September and see my general practitioner or I may have strained my side. Yesterday I went to my gynecologist oncologist after pressing on my abdomen she has decided to order an MRI of my pelvis and abdomen. I have spoken to a couple of friends who said they have flank pain also. It’s insane.

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Are you on any long term medications to help with the pain?